Guy Cramer Talks Camo on CNN

Filmed in August, CNN broadcast a report by Chris Lawrence entitled “New technology makes troops invisible.”

He interviews Guy Cramer of Canada’s HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp and partner of ADS Inc in their bid to win the US Army’s ongoing Camouflage Improvement Effort. The ADS/Cramer team produced the finalist US4CES pattern. Rumor has it that the Chief of Staff of the Army will be briefed this week on the results of the extensive testing undertaken to find a new family of camouflage patterns for use the the Army.

Cramer goes on to very briefly discuss his Quantum Stealth technology. As I understand it, CNN spent more than an hour with Cramer and yet edited it down to less than three minutes. It’s too bad because we want to hear Cramer speak more about his advanced camouflage concepts.

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7 Responses to “Guy Cramer Talks Camo on CNN”

  1. Aaron says:

    Am I good, or am I good? It was nice to see it make the national media and get attention…but as you said three minutes, freakin’ brutal.

  2. Chad says:

    The funny thing about the camouflage improvement effort is no one in the Army is following this at all. The future of Army camouflage is on the table and the majority of the Army is completely blind to what is going on with no input from the guys and gals who will be wearing it. Typical Army.

    • Bob says:

      When we were first issued the multicam’s just a little while ago, every joe had some opinion on it, many of them thought they were garbage. When asked why they felt that way, they didn’t have an answer, or it didn’t make sense. There is no reason to put it to a vote, and the vast majority of the force has no need to provide imput, (how much bearing does camouflage have in the adjudgent gerenal corps, water purification, ect.?). It should be designed according to science, not whims, which are what got us stuck with the UCP in the first place. The current plan is sound, and when they come out with the winner, I am certain they will not make such an egregious mistake a second time.

    • Aaron says:

      Trust me, we know it’s coming, there’s a reason why so many of us are hesitant to buy new uniforms. We’re either waiting for the OCP to catch up to us the moment this stuff is in the store we’re dropping the dough.

      I still want different chest pockets

  3. ME says:

    Speaking of which, SSD, has anyone given any indications that the Camo Improvement Effort is even moving forward?

  4. Reaper 01 says:

    We use Multi cam for our hunting show, because it is the best camp out there. Until we get better camo and believe me, we are always looking. our show is based on tactical, hunting, and survival. Smokes and mirrors work in the movies but not when lives depend on it. If someone has the right stuff, we would be glad to use it on the show. realtree and mossy oak are not with the military for a reason, its a name, not a good camouflage.
    I would love to try the new camouflage that Guy Cramer talks about. I could at least use the material for a blind.
    Reaper 01 out