Tyrannus Over Suit from Drop Zone Tactical

From the Great White North comes Drop Zone Tactical’s Tyrannus Over Suit.


Manufactured from UV resistant polyester, the Tyrannus Over Suit is generously cut to fit over your clothing system. The jacket hood is fully adjustable. additionally, there are side access zips as well as two flapped “slash ports” on the front along with elasticized cuffs and a split tail design as seen on traditional military winter parkas. The high waisted trouser features a quick release, “self centering suspender” which uses a dual adjustable side release buckle to clip the suspenders together. Finally, there are pass through cargo pockets on the legs.

Available now featuring Hyde Definition’s PenCott-Snowdrift™ camouflage pattern in two sizes. Medium fits small to large and Large fits large through XX-Large.

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3 Responses to “Tyrannus Over Suit from Drop Zone Tactical”

  1. m5 says:

    A word of caution.

    This suit is made from a lightweight polyester fabric. As such, it burns easily.

    How do I know? I have some of the very same fabric by Hyde Definition. It’s definitively seems like a nice fabric for overwhites: It doesn’t absorb water, it’s water and snow repellant, dries quickly and very light. Except that firesafe it isn’t. At least not in my test with a strip of fabric and a lighter.

    Using a spray-on fire-retardant might be a good idea, perhaps Dropzone has already done it? These wear off though.

    • SSD says:

      Flame threats are much lower in mountain and arctic conditions. So far, no one has identified an FR requirement for Overwhites.

      • m5 says:

        Huh? Why would flame threats be *lower* in Arctic conditions?

        The inside of a vehicle, hit by IED or whatever, is pretty much the same regardless of the external conditions. Incendiary munitions aren’t much affected by ambient temperatures either.

        In cold conditions, stoves, heating apparatus and live fire pose fire threats not present in warmer conditions, and this applies for training too. In Finnish military, discontinued clothing with a fire risk came with a warning label. The snow suits (m/87, m/91, m/05 and legacy) are not made of thin easily flammable material either.

        Sure, clothing beneath the overwhites will protect against burning overwhites. During sternous exercise there might not be worn much under the over whites though, even if the overwhites are designed to be worn over a uniform.