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3D Human Body Exposed Training Shirt Design by Webtechgear

This three dimensionally printed shirt puts the vital body parts on full view. Large muscle groups, internal organs are displayed for edged weapon training, baton training. You are only limited by your imagination. Target areas are now right in front of your eyes. A moving target is what you likely will face, so train to hit prescribed areas.

Webtech exposed body shirt

An additional benefit of this shirt is that with marking devices you can visibly “score” the wounds and discuss the psychological and physiological implications. In addition you can use the “hits” to conduct immediate after action triage and first responder treatment based on the now visible wounds. Self treatment for preservation and minimization of injuries is the new wave of LEO training so make use of this shirt to bring it home in your training classes.



13 Responses to “3D Human Body Exposed Training Shirt Design by Webtechgear”

  1. lev says:

    Awesomeness: Slim Goodbody was a hero of mine as a kid and now I can look just like him…and get in some good training to boot.

  2. David says:

    My first thought for the “training” was to put targets on places to strike.

  3. Doc B says:

    Even better, we can use these to help our baby medics more effectively visualize the relationship between a given brand of trauma and the likely consequences, internally.

  4. Marcos says:

    thats a humungous heart!

    • Doc B says:

      That’s what she said…

    • Nitrox says:

      And it’s shaped like a kidney too. I guess to make it an easier target to hit. Also, are those lungs in front of the pectoralis major and why are they moved to the sides?

  5. Stephen says:

    I like the idea but for medic training (when in regards to anatomical correctness) this is a good bit off.

    • Doc B says:

      Of course it’s off, but it’s also off for training edged weapons and shot placement and impact targets and everything else. It does, though, help a person visualize the orientation of some organs and some musculature. That is helpful all around.

      No, it ain’t gonna help much on an A&P exam, but it IS better than nothing when we’re teaching subjects like, “This (trauma) makes you need to watch out for that (result), and this is why”. A book is a powerful learning tool, certainly, but it does not carry the weight that hands-on training does. Still, you can’t have one without the other and produce the results that using both will give you.

      • Nitrox says:

        DocB: With all due respect, that shirt won’t make for a good training tool if the organ sizes and placement are inaccurate. I don’t see how this can help a person visualize organ oreintation when they are not quite in the right place to begin with. – just saying

        Anyway, I would have at least consulted with someone who has taken a human anatomy class prior to print.

  6. JK says:

    They need a better photo, that shirt is 2 sizes too big for that gentleman.

  7. HD says:

    Bar hopping shirt!!!!

  8. MED says:

    I’m not following the medical “training” aspect of it either. Seems rather comical

  9. Hello, i am the co owner of Brainstorm/Canam who has create and selling this shirt. The shirt is the first generation and we were waiting for comments to see if we go forward with the project. We want to work with an image that will look more realistic, but we had to start somewere. Steve(webtechgear) and i spent a lot of time on the shirt design and we will put more time to bring another one almost real. Now we know, this shirt has a future.
    Wait for the second generation!