HTC/Rogue Gunfighter Low Vis Demo Day – Rogue Gunfighter

Rogue Gunfighter was displaying their upcoming products at the High Threat Concealment/Rogue Gunfighter Low Vis Demo Day.

MOAB Armor Carrier

Here’s the MOAB low profile Armor Carrier, which first debuted at SOFIC. It features front panel wings for radios, med gear, etc. Clamshell adapters stay in place via internal Velcro on both the Clamshell and cummerbund. They offer additional PALS webbing and two elastic straps for quick access item retention. It’s also configured to accept clip-on backpacks and chest rigs.

The commercial release of the MOAB will include two Clamshells, and the Octopus detachable chest rig and strap. The Clamshell and Octopus also feature their own SKUs and will be available separately.

Octopus Chest Rig and Strap

The Octopus Chest Rig and Strap comes standard with the MOAB Armor Carrier. This allows the rig attached to the MOAB to function as a standalone chest rig. It features two integrated pistol and rifle magazine pouches with PALS webbing for additional pouches. The strap itself attaches to the buckles of the chest rig and features a Velcro loop back pad with a threaded inner liner.

NO Vis Ankle Med Kit

The NO Vis Ankle Med Kit is a padded, low profile medical pouch designed to be worn underneath a pant leg. It utilizes Velcro hook and loop to stay sealed, and folds out to reveal multiple elastic compartments for medical gear, with one of the compartments featuring a Velcro hook strap to secure a pair of scissors. It also features a breathable mesh liner.

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7 Responses to “HTC/Rogue Gunfighter Low Vis Demo Day – Rogue Gunfighter”

  1. straps says:

    Wow. Simple and VERY nicely thought out.

  2. WmW says:

    Looks like they collaborated with TAG, specifically the “Grenade Elevator” pouch and the magnetic handgun magazines pouches. Awesome design

  3. dude says:

    Could someone please explain why anyone would put PALS or buckles on a low profile vest? Or want to attach a bunch of “fat man” gear to it?

    Am I just confusing low-pro/low-vis and concealed/undershirt?

    • Deadeye says:


    • straps says:

      The kit is detachable and those female SR buckes are removable.

      Far as PALS on the side, that location is often for radios, which vary in size for this kit’s audience. IFAKs (also outboard, if a second radio isn’t used) are a huge user preference thing.

    • mike says:

      the webbing on either side of the plate? that’s for routing comms wires or tape antennas.

      the removable chest rig? well sometimes you want to put pouches on a vest but not have them there all the time so you attach them to a removable piece you can add once something has mad you go into overt mode.

      the clamshells have molle and can hold side plate pouches or face outward for any other pouches. again, you have the option of adding once it’s overt time.

      oh, also, not everyone had 20 plate carriers. these add-ons allow you the ability to turn a low-vis rig into an overt carrier with all the real estate with a few tweaks. this way a guy who has a budget to meet can still get himself put together.