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A-TACS LE Camo Uniforms From Propper To Be Available In Early March

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Propper has announced that items in their popular TAC.U series are to be released in A-TACS LE camouflage, beginning in March. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any item in A-TACS LE camo will be donated to the Spirit of Blue Foundation.

The TAC.U Combat Shirt – A-TACS LE Camo Edition

The PROPPER TAC.U Combat Shirt is made for comfort under the weight of body armor. The lightweight knit wicks moisture away from the torso and the antimicrobial fabric prevents bacteria from growing, keeping odors at bay. The durable Battle Rip fabric on the sleeves coupled with extensive pocketing provides incredible functionality. Additionally, the fully articulated elbows and a unique dual-layer stretch shoulder, allow complete free range of motion. Additional features include…

-Nametape on back of collar
-External opening for shoulder pads
-Quarter-zipper front
-Side panel with underarm gusset for enhanced range of motion
-Fully articulated elbows
-Two zippered, upper-arm pockets with loop-facing patch for insignia
-Two zippered forearm pockets
-External opening for elbow pads
-Two-channel pen pocket on left forearm
-Right forearm pocket with hook and loop closure
-Adjustable hook and loop fastener at sleeve cuffs
-Integrated thumb holes at cuffs prevent bunching and twisting

The ACU Coat – A-TACS LE Camo Edition

The PROPPER ACU Coat is an authentic military garment style approved for active duty use by the US Army. Mandarin collar can be worn up or down. Hook and loop sleeve cuff closures provide an adjustable fit, while a three-pen pocket on the sleeve and minimized shoulder pockets are designed to fit optimally with an OTV (Outer Tactical Vest). All pockets and pouches are consistent with military specification FQ/PD 07-13A. Additional features include…

-Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant
-Felled seams throughout for enhanced durability
-Mandarin-style collar can be worn up or down
-Two tilted chest pockets with hook and loop closure
-Drain holes in bellowed pockets
-Covered two-way zipper front with cloth pull
-Bi-swing back improves range of motion
-Two upper-arm pockets with loop-facing patch for insignia
-Three-channel pen pocket on left sleeve
-External opening for elbow pads

The ACU Trouser – A-TACS LE Camo Edition

The PROPPER ACU Trouser is an authentic military garment style approved for active duty use by the US Army. Features forward-tilted cargo pockets, knee pouches with hook and loop fasteners for internal kneepad inserts and bellowed storage pockets on the calf. Leg cuffs feature a front closure tie, allowing a more comfortable fit on the outside of the boot collar. Sewn to military specification FQ/PD 07-14A.

-Sewn to military specification FQ/PD 07-14A
-Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant
-Felled inseams, outseams and seat seams
-Drawstring waist for quick and secure fit
-Reinforced seat
-Button fly closure
-Eight-pocket design
-Two tilted cargo pockets with button flaps
-Two shin-high cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
-Two back pockets with button flaps
-External openings for knee pads with hook and loop closure
-Drain holes in bellowed pockets
-Durable drawstring leg closures

The Boonie Cap – A-TACS LE Camo Edition

The Propper boonie is sewn to military specification MIL-H-44105B. Vent holes on either side allow for air circulation while an adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit

Additionally, some retailers are now beginning to take pre-orders for A-TACS LE Camo gear. Stay tuned for information on any information regarding pre-orders when it becomes available.




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36 Responses to “A-TACS LE Camo Uniforms From Propper To Be Available In Early March”

  1. Great color, original and strong !

  2. LowSpeed says:

    They look cool and (most importantly) it looks like they’ll fulfill their functions. I really hope these catch on and police departments adopt em. I do have my doubts though; LE seems to have really taken to the military look with SRT/SWAT units adopting MARPAT, UCP, and even Multicam uniforms. I like that these color schemes/uniforms are different from our military uniforms, police are looking too militant or paramilitary as it is.

    • Chef Rigby says:

      Yes! This! Nobody likes seeing cops in camo, it conjures images of a police state and marshal law.

    • TMedina says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who blinked at the idea of “official camo patterns” for law enforcement agencies.

    • Bill says:

      You mean paramilitary, like with a dress blouse over a creased shirt and Class A trousers with a stripe and a uniform hat and service ribbons?

      We’ve had those for a while.

      About 80% of the jurisdiction I work is forested or rural. What would you suggest I wear during a surveillance or warrant service?

      • Kory Smith says:

        OD? Coyote? Sheriff brown? Khaki? There are many viable cheaper options than a camouflage pattern.

  3. AMMOkan says:

    Inb4 Why do police need camouflage.

    • straps says:

      Police may need to move freely and with minimal risk of observation to position themselves to observe and envelope one or more bad guys–or safeguard hostages/civilians when it’s too dangerous to move them (before bad guys have been neutralized). 95% of the time police want/need to be seen, 5% of the time camo is as important to a cop as it is to a Soldier.

      What you also want is a common appearance for the good guys–equipment and attire that distinguishes good guys from everyone else. News flash, bad guys ALSO wear camouflage, you want YOUR camo to be distinctive. ATACS, in conjunction with distinctive equipment, weapons and PPE can prevent fratricide.

      • Lance R. Peak says:

        If civilian LE want to blend in then their camouflage should be car grills, street signs, and picket fences.

        I thought a uniform with badge and duty gear was a common uniform already?

        I am honestly not trying to be a smart ass, and I’ve worked both EMS and LE before myself, but I really can’t see any time when civilian LE would need camouflage.

        • SSD says:

          I received this from a buddy. I find it an excellent response to your question.

          NY State SWAT wears MultiCam. They do so because a large majority of the state is wooded and they man-track armed suspects almost every day… HRT also wears MultiCam as they do much the same on a federal level. They also field Ranger Green…

      • Chef Rigby says:

        Ahhh, so you’re saying that next time I want to go commit my crimes I should wear Multicam?

    • SSD says:

      Are you police?

      • AMMOkan says:

        Military, and I was making fun of the people who go off on a tangent about LE not needing camo.

  4. mr bean says:

    How about companies make a pair of pants that fit well and accept Crye kneepads and don’t cost more than $70 instead of making dumb camoflauge, that’d be so nice.

    LE doesn’t want more black clothing. Besides I already have these colored items, you too can have it by washing your clothes several times.

    • SSD says:

      There’s no way there will be a $70 pant that accepts Crye knee pads. Crye holds a patent and in order to accept their pads a vendor would need to license the patent. That is going to drive the cost up. Crye has a new LE pant coming that will be less expensive than the G3 combat pant.

  5. Eddie Munster says:

    I will take a look. As long as the material is not that Poly/Cotton blend that is common to some Propper products. That stuff is horrible for color fastness. I have had new uniforms with that blend fade even before washing, resulting in shiny white polyester polyester fibers visable across the material. “Milspec NYCO or nothing” has become my motto.

    • SteveB says:

      I agree with EM about the poly-cotton. It’s stiff, breathes poorly, pills, and the camo colors wear-off. 50/50 nyco cordura rip-stop is the way to go, period.

  6. Stefan S. says:

    This is my last warning

  7. Kory S says:

    Reminds me of Indonesian Doreng Layar.

  8. Mike says:

    I find it hilarious the people spit such vitriol and hatred over Multicam Black but they think ATACS LE looks legit. Interesting, indeed.

    I think all these dark camos have their place. In the meantime I’ll raise my glass to the “there’s no black in nature” crowd who are now drooling over all these black variants. Silly /k/ommandos.

  9. Bill says:

    There’s plenty of black in nature: night, shadows, some bears, forest soils…besides, I thought Coyote was the new Black, and gray/Wolf was the new Coyote.

    • Mike says:

      I agree entirely. My point is that I know too many people who parrot what someone said about “no black in nature”, which I totally disagree with, and are simultaneously the first to cheer for Typhon, ATACS LC, Multicam Black, etc

  10. DBACK028 says:

    I know this is all about A-TACS and whatnot but since it’s also about release dates…when can we expect to be able to purchase the new varients of multicam? I’ve been waiting expecting Propper or Tru-Spec to put up something soon but I’m still waiting. Didn’t know if you guys knew.

  11. DBACK028 says:

    btw I’ve seen multicam black…but not tropic, arid, or alpine

  12. Retro hooper says:

    People also need to realize that when the police lawfully enter a home, or are doing a major bust, camo can have a very intimidating effect on the bad guys, which is one reason why these black camo patterns are out. However, I really prefer that civilian police do not use military issue patterns when on duty. The people are already ticked off about the police being more militarized, and it can make the civilians look at anyone who wears camo for a living (service members like myself and others) with fear or scorn. Other than that, they should be able to wear any other pattern they like if the situation calls for it. Also, not all police are ex military, and I don’t like people that haven’t earned the right to wear our patterns thinking they have.

    • Freeman says:

      Um, lots of people wear camo. Camo is not like a dress uniform, it has a very practical purpose for a lot of people (such as hunters), and it is the first thing issued to any military recruit (not exactly earned). Anyway, why does it matter if police uniforms are camouflaged? Police uniforms have always been inspired by military dress. Just look at state troopers and their brown rounds.

  13. Ryan says:

    We are very excited about this new pattern and A-TACS Camo has pledged to donate a portion of sales to fund Safety Equipment Grants through the Spirit of Blue Foundation.

  14. wendy says:

    Hello how are you guys ….um do you donated any camouflage uniforms? We are putting on a youth jam and we are need some camouflage uniform donate for our youth jam…if you do if you don’t please contact me ….thank you do much