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Treaper Ltd – 3HGR Carrying Sling And Harness At IWA 2014


Treaper Ltd’s 3HGR Carrying Sling and Harness will be on display at IWA 2014. The sling will be found at the SCE Consulting & Equipment stand in hall 9, stand 9-444. Lauri Kakkonen, the developer of the 3HGR, will be there to answer questions about the product.

As a reminder: the 3HGR is a combination sling and gun rest with an adjustable support strap. The support strap allows the user to quickly attach their rifle to a tree, post, or other similar object for additional stability. A flexible spandex component in the 3HGR enables the adjustment of the firing line and the ability to shoot a moving target while strapped to a support.


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