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List of Manufacturers Adopting the New Magpul M-LOK System

Earlier this week Magpul announced their new M-LOK attachment system for mounting accessories to rails. The list of manufacturers adopting the system has really taken off, thanks in part to the ongoing NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m happy to see several of my favorites on the list.



9 Responses to “List of Manufacturers Adopting the New Magpul M-LOK System”

  1. D says:

    Troy and JP are on that list. How similar are the M-LOK slots to the slots in JP or Troy VTAC handguards?

  2. Sean says:

    Wow that is a lot of aftermarket support. Several if the big boys on there. Notably absent are bcm and Daniel defense. This will be interesting to watch and see which standard takes over. I don’t have a preference either way but I’m glad to see so much support for the m lok.

  3. Impact Weapons Components has NOT signed the Licensing Agreement Magpul requires to use M-LOK. Since 2010, IWC has manufactured products of our own design which directly attach to the slots in Magpul’s MOE hand guards, and in the future, we will launch IWC designed products for the MOE-SL hand guards.

    • larry says:

      What is the point of the comment? Did this blog say your company did?

      • Rick says:

        Did you read the post?

        • larry says:

          Yes I did. Did you? Where in the post does it state “Impact Weapons Components HAS signed the Licensing Agreement”???

          I don’t see it. I did however read a comment on from someone at IWC stating they would have M-LOK parts ready to go when the SL rail ships later this year.

          So are the in or out?? Did they sign a free licensing agreement or not? I think the ONLY thing that matters is if they will make components for the new Magpul Rails, all of which will be M-LOK going forward.

          I love their products (IWC) I own 3 light mounts. I love the Magpul products as well. Together they are great.

  4. Jimmy says:

    It seems natural that IWC would not sign the licensing agreement, even though it’s free, considering the affiliation with HSP and their use if the KeyMod.

  5. taydietz says:

    It’s no surprise that Daniel Defense isn’t adopting M-Lok; They haven’t adopted any other type of modular system. They’ll most likely stick to quad rails until the lack of new systems affects their sales.

  6. heavy says:

    Sig has stated that they’ll be releasing their MCX/MPX with a keymod rail. Has anyone asked if them they’d consider M-LOK instead?

    I’d be interested in hearing from BCM as well.

    Keymod’s only been in existence for a couple years, which IMO is not nearly enough market inertia to prevent M-LOK (which is clearly superior on paper) from overtaking it.