Warrior Expo – Kopis Mobile

Our friends at Kopis Mobile showed us the latest version of their NTtv which allows users to share imagery from networked cameras.

Network Tactical Television is a portable, scalable and low cost video sharing system that combines Commercially available, Off The Shelf (COTS) digital camera and palmtop, mobile computing, or smart phone equipment with Kopis Mobile’s integration solution to provide users with a unique view of the operational mission. They do this by creating their own WiFi mesh network or connecting to tactical 4G LTE networks or tactical wave relay radios.


Although Kopis can adapt the NTtv technology to most any camera and handheld devices, they’ve created a turnkey solution which you see above. This is great for those organizations who haven’t fielded anything yet and are starting a new capability. It includes cameras, smart phones, video encoder, and battery as well as the pouches to integrate the solution unto armor or other load carrying platforms.

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  1. Mike says:

    Man, that Kryptek medic bag in the bottom right is tempting.