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LBT Partners with HSGI to Offer Mission Adaptive Panel with TACO

Back in May, during Warrior West, we showed you the first images of the Mission Assault Panel System developed by LBT Inc along with Chris Costa. Right away guys started asking if LBT could incorporate HSGI‘s popular TACO ammunition carrier into the design. The two companies started talking and the impossible happened. During Warrior East, LBT will unveil this new collaboration with HSGI.


LBT sent us this statement:

London Bridge Trading is proud to announce that we are partnering with High Speed Gear to offer a Made in the USA Assaulter’s panel with Double Decker TACO’s® that is compatible with the new MAP (Mission Adaptive Panel) System designed with Chris Costa. A modular version is currently in the works as well to retrofit your existing LBT-6094. We at LBT feel that ultimately, by working with HSGI on this project, that we’ll be able to insure that the end-user will receive the highest quality product from the collaborative efforts of two companies deciding to work with one another manufacturing gear in both our Virginia and North Carolina communities.

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8 Responses to “LBT Partners with HSGI to Offer Mission Adaptive Panel with TACO”

  1. Chris K. says:

    Winning combo. Glad to see the panel/placard concept catching on.

  2. Walsh says:

    Those Mayflower guys are great! Wait.. What?

  3. Toby says:

    What does Mayflower/Velocity’s patent pending actually cover as far as detachable panels? Hell I was clipping in my SOE Frog rig into my gen 1 Spears armor back in 02.

  4. Craig says:

    I sure wish a company would come out with quality Velcro-on pouch choices.

    I have been using a DBT slick armor carrier (BALCS) with the Velcro Blue Force Gear M4 and Pistol “Dappers”, but would like more choices,and a radio pouch. There are times I dont need full MOLLE vest,and “Low-Profile” is better. Rather than a over vest ect, I chose to use the Velcro real estate, but there is only a few offerings,and mostly all from BFG.

    This seems to be a somewhat neglected area of the market. (Was reminded of this, & commenting because of the carrier and all the front Velcro. Sorry for the de-rail)

  5. Garry McPeak says:

    Glad to see this offered. I liked the idea of able to change out panels ie: Travis Haley design but refuse to buy because of the maker. Glad HSGI and LBT have teamed together