TRU-SPEC MultiCam Tropic And Arid Uniforms Now Available On PredatorBDU

TRU-SPEC MultiCam Tropic Arid

TRU-SPEC’s line of clothing in MultiCam Tropic and Arid patterns is now available for purchase on The Tru-Spec TRU Uniform Coat, Tru-Spec TRU Uniform Pant, and TRU-SPEC Patrol Cap are all available in the Tropic and Arid patterns, and in all standard sizing options.

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13 Responses to “TRU-SPEC MultiCam Tropic And Arid Uniforms Now Available On PredatorBDU”

  1. zach says:

    Why no boonie hats that most will want over a patrol cap? So people will buy a patrol cap just to have headwear to go with their uni set, and then release the boonie in a few months I bet.

  2. AssaultPlazma says:

    Where the heck is propper? Just curious

  3. ReverendSpecialK says:

    Those look nice. I may have to get a tropic BDU set.

  4. Riceball says:

    Nice, now when is somebody going to release stuff in US4CES?

  5. cy says:

    How about 100% cotton ripstop. I like my skin to breathe.

    • Sean says:

      The Nylon/Cotton should work just fine for that…there is a reason why the military uses it….

      • SSD says:

        Yes, the military adopted NYCO so that uniforms would hold up to starching and pressing. They don’t do that anymore. Time to let the NYCO go.