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It’s Here! Finally, A Civilian Legal Insight Technology ATPIAL-C: Available Exclusively From TNVC

Last year I visited Insight Technology and saw several products they have in the pipeline. One of those items was a civilian legal ATPIAL-C. The AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser or ATPIAL is one of the most popular weapon accessories ever adopted by DoD because of its size, durability and ease of use, combining visible and IR lasers into a single package. It is also one of the most sought after laser devices by civilian shooters. Unfortunately, it’s never been commercially available and the few that are out there came into the market under rather nefarious circumstances. They have been Government-only devices due to the power of the unit’s lasers. The restriction on sales to civilians has even included most Law Enforcement organizations. No one could get them. That’s why a commercially certified model is so important. I am very pleased to learn that these are now available exclusively through our friends at TNVC. Read their release, below.

The wait is over.

The journey home from the battlefield is a long one. The AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) from Insight Technology, has been faithfully serving U.S. Warfighters as the standard issue aiming laser throughout the Global War on Terror. Seen on almost every U.S. weapon fielded since the mid 2000’s, the ATPIAL has been highly coveted by the commercial market, yet always out of reach due to government restrictions on high power infrared lasers… Until now.

Introducing the ATPIAL-C. Forged for the Warrior, Honed in the Crucible of Combat, and Proven by Heroes, the legendary AN/PEQ-15 is now available in a civilian-legal package as the ATPIAL-C.


Some history how it came to be. At the 2014 SHOT Show TNVC was approached by Insight to discuss the viability of this product in the commercial market. Both TNVC and L-3/Insight believed it would be very well received by individual civilian and law enforcement personnel. We were asked to be the exclusive launch vehicle for the ATPIAL-C and jumped at the opportunity. Presently, TNVC is the only place to get these! After all these years in combat, TNVC is extremely excited to bring the ATPIAL-C home.

The unique aspect of the ATPIAL-C is it’s pulled right off the same military production line as its full power cousin, but with a civilian legal Class1 Infrared Laser Pointer and Illuminator. Other than the power rating, there is no difference between the ATPIAL-C and the ATPIAL.

The ATPIAL-C (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser – Commercial) is a multi-function Class1/IIIR Infrared/Visible laser from L-3/Insight Technology. It features an Infrared Laser Pointer (0.7 mW Class1), Visible Laser Pointer (4.6 mW Class 3R Red), and Infrared Laser Illuminator (3 mW Class 3R). Based on the standard issue AN/PEQ-15 (Class IIIb) for the U.S. Warfighter, the ATPIAL-C’s Class1/3R power makes it completely eye-safe and available to the general public. Class1 Infrared Laser Pointer feature a 0.7mW rating which is not restricted by the FDA. They will easily reach out to 450 yards, encompassing most target engagement ranges when paired with a night vision goggle for the civilian and law enforcement professional. Considering that Gen3 Night Vision Goggles have a maximum target identification range of 100-115 yards, the 450 yard range of the ATPIAL-C is perfect.

The Visible and Infrared Laser Pointers are slaved so that zeroing one will zero the other in tandem. The Infrared Laser Illuminator is a true laser illuminator system, producing no bright downrange visible signature as seen in infrared LED’s. In order to stay within Class1 guidelines, the Illuminator is lower power, able to reach 150 yards and is non-adjustable. This is perfect for short to medium range engagements. Like the full power ATPIAL, the ATPIAL-C’s Infrared Illuminator can be used to wash out the bloom of the Infrared Laser Pointer at engagement distances.


The ATPIAL-C is a low profile laser system that mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny Rail. Its design allows it to sit lower on the rail than most other lasers, creating a “saddle bag” affect, so as not to impede the shooter’s sight picture when mounted at the 12 o’clock position. Its glass-reinforced high-strength polymer body housing is very robust and impact resistant. The unit features a simple dial selector for changing the output settings on top of the housing. Activation is achieved via the included remote pressure pad or onboard “fire” button. A rear-facing battery compartment makes changing batteries simple and convenient, even when the unit is pushed all the way forward against a standard AR Front Sight Base (by the way: you should never store your expensive night vision and lasers with the batteries installed). Windage and elevation adjustments require a small flat head screw driver and produce positive clicks.

The ATPIAL-C is the closest thing an individual can get to the standard issue full power ATPIAL.

We are currently accepting pre-orders. L-3 will be delivering the first units to our warehouse mid to late November with the next shipment in mid to late December. Shipping will be first come, first served. Pre Orders must be paid in full.

Place your Pre Order before September 15 and get it for only $1,199.00. That’s a $100 savings! After that, the price is $1,299


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34 Responses to “It’s Here! Finally, A Civilian Legal Insight Technology ATPIAL-C: Available Exclusively From TNVC”

  1. Ed Hickey says:

    Have to add this to my list!

  2. DanW says:

    Why does anyone need this?

    • DGR says:

      We all know that every mall-ninja with a $550 plastic AR needs to hang a $1200 Laser off their $30 quad-rail or all of their friends wont think they are cool anymore.

      • DGR says:

        Before I get flamed, that was a joke. I can see a few uses, like hog shooting, but very few actual uses outside of that. I would still bet money that 8 of every 10 they sell will be to mall-ninjas. Sure, a few may actually use it, but on the pure civilian side, its mostly a gimmick. The use for a civilian is the laser, and you only need drop a few hundred bucks for a nice one.

        • Andrew says:

          I respectfully completely disagree. For the large majority of LEO this is an absolutely fantastic option. .7mW of laser is more than enough power for most distances unless calling in CAS… Even on full powered PEQs, most people use the low power settings 90% of the time because the high output simply blooms to much to be an accurate aiming point. On the market right now, the only good competition to this unit (something with slaved IR & Vis lasers, AND an on board IR illuminator) is the DBAL-D2, which is larger and more expensive. I don’t think the DBAL-PL is comparable due to less then desirable switchology. This new ATPIAL-C is a perfect option for LE agencies without having to go through the hassle and paperwork of a class 3 version.

        • straps says:

          People with $30 quad rails already have look-alike options.

    • straps says:

      …was a question asked about computers. And portable phones. And access to the internet.

      True, people with more money than need will fuel demand but there will be a brief period before EVERYONE’S Google Glasses have IR and thermal that good guys who invest in this technology (and the training to leverage it) will save lives.

    • balais says:

      because any person that invests in NVGs should have a laser for his primary fighting rifle…

      best force multiplying decision i ever made.

  3. Andrew says:

    This is outstanding, and a long time coming. Perhaps a sign of the slowdown of Gov cashflow…

    In the pictures the selector dial shows high settings past a blue safety screw. Is that the .7 mW settings and the others are even lower? Explanation of this would be much appreciated.

  4. Clasky says:

    The housings and components are all the same as the full power standard issue version. They are milspec and come off the same exact production line. The only difference is the power output. The blue safety screw is there on the full power units to keep Joe from putting the unit on high power while CONUS. The ATPIAL-C has the same screw and the same markings on the housing. Removing the screw and turning the knob to the high power will not change the power. Those are “dead slots.”

    As for the Dan asking “why does anybody need this?”: gun-grabbers ask the same question about AR-15’s. Clearly Dan does not know anything about the professional uses of civilian legal lasers by LEO’s (the majority of our class1 lasers are sold to them). He also clearly doesn’t know anything about the fastest growing hunting segment in the US: hog and predator hunting. The hunters use night vision and thermal to hunt at night. Or maybe he just wants to puff his chest out and sound like a big man on an internet forum by tearing someone else’s hard work down.

  5. Zach says:

    Twice as much as my current dbal. Sell it and that’s half the coat right there. Hmmmmmmm

  6. Woody says:

    Anything of this quality/rugged construction currently available with a green visible laser?

    • Andrew says:

      Although green is preferable, it is really just a bonus in my book. I see two uses for Vis lasers on a long gun: zeroing during daytime (if its slaved to the IR) and for use with NBC gear (gas mask etc). I don’t do a whole lot of shooting with NBC gear so for me the red will work just fine for daytime zeroing. Just use an empty MRE box for the shadow if the sun is really shining…

      I wouldn’t expect Insight to do a green version if they aren’t doing that on the mil ATPIAL’s…

  7. Kaos-1 says:

    What ever happened to the CIVL a few years back , you know the one with the $500 price point . TNVC’s booth at shot show ’13 had one that gave me hope of not having to spend the coin on a DBAL. But it came and went with never being released and now they go and release this $1,200 wet dream. Oh well, I couldn’t be happier with my DBAL and M952v.

    • SSD says:

      I had one for a few months earlier this year. I thought it was going to be released first. Apparently not.

  8. bulldog76 says:

    meh i dont see a purpose for it but of course i do long range shooting myself

  9. Fox says:

    This is great news. Having used one on my last deployment, it would be a welcome addition to my AR- and they even come in black or tan. Gotta love options. Outstanding!

  10. AlexC says:

    Shipping to your neighbors to the north?

  11. Reverend says:

    Hogs in Texas need to be concerned… Just saying…

  12. John Smith says:

    – Having a laser on your rifle is cheating.
    – Anyone that intends to fight with a rifle should also intend to cheat.

    Those two immutable laws apply no matter what sort of ninja you consider yourself.

  13. Joshua says:

    Hmmm, much higher than they stated at SHOT.

  14. ODG says:

    I see a lot of guys complaining about price and asking for green lasers.. for those interested US Night vision just released their TRIAD C1 laser that has a green laser and IR for 675.00. SOCOM just bought 300 of them and they will be available in FDE soon…just saying.

  15. Y.T. says:

    Has Unity started working on an adapter for this?