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It’s Here! Finally, A Civilian Legal Insight Technology ATPIAL-C: Available Exclusively From TNVC

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Last year I visited Insight Technology and saw several products they have in the pipeline. One of those items was a civilian legal ATPIAL-C. The AN/PEQ-15 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser or ATPIAL is one of the most popular weapon accessories ever adopted by DoD because of its size, durability and ease of use, combining visible and IR lasers into a single package. It is also one of the most sought after laser devices by civilian shooters. Unfortunately, it’s never been commercially available and the few that are out there came into the market under rather nefarious circumstances. They have been Government-only devices due to the power of the unit’s lasers. The restriction on sales to civilians has even included most Law Enforcement organizations. No one could get them. That’s why a commercially certified model is so important. I am very pleased to learn that these are now available exclusively through our friends at TNVC. Read their release, below.

The wait is over.

The journey home from the battlefield is a long one. The AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) from Insight Technology, has been faithfully serving U.S. Warfighters as the standard issue aiming laser throughout the Global War on Terror. Seen on almost every U.S. weapon fielded since the mid 2000’s, the ATPIAL has been highly coveted by the commercial market, yet always out of reach due to government restrictions on high power infrared lasers… Until now.

Introducing the ATPIAL-C. Forged for the Warrior, Honed in the Crucible of Combat, and Proven by Heroes, the legendary AN/PEQ-15 is now available in a civilian-legal package as the ATPIAL-C.


Some history how it came to be. At the 2014 SHOT Show TNVC was approached by Insight to discuss the viability of this product in the commercial market. Both TNVC and L-3/Insight believed it would be very well received by individual civilian and law enforcement personnel. We were asked to be the exclusive launch vehicle for the ATPIAL-C and jumped at the opportunity. Presently, TNVC is the only place to get these! After all these years in combat, TNVC is extremely excited to bring the ATPIAL-C home.

The unique aspect of the ATPIAL-C is it’s pulled right off the same military production line as its full power cousin, but with a civilian legal Class1 Infrared Laser Pointer and Illuminator. Other than the power rating, there is no difference between the ATPIAL-C and the ATPIAL.

The ATPIAL-C (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser – Commercial) is a multi-function Class1/IIIR Infrared/Visible laser from L-3/Insight Technology. It features an Infrared Laser Pointer (0.7 mW Class1), Visible Laser Pointer (4.6 mW Class 3R Red), and Infrared Laser Illuminator (3 mW Class 3R). Based on the standard issue AN/PEQ-15 (Class IIIb) for the U.S. Warfighter, the ATPIAL-C’s Class1/3R power makes it completely eye-safe and available to the general public. Class1 Infrared Laser Pointer feature a 0.7mW rating which is not restricted by the FDA. They will easily reach out to 450 yards, encompassing most target engagement ranges when paired with a night vision goggle for the civilian and law enforcement professional. Considering that Gen3 Night Vision Goggles have a maximum target identification range of 100-115 yards, the 450 yard range of the ATPIAL-C is perfect.

The Visible and Infrared Laser Pointers are slaved so that zeroing one will zero the other in tandem. The Infrared Laser Illuminator is a true laser illuminator system, producing no bright downrange visible signature as seen in infrared LED’s. In order to stay within Class1 guidelines, the Illuminator is lower power, able to reach 150 yards and is non-adjustable. This is perfect for short to medium range engagements. Like the full power ATPIAL, the ATPIAL-C’s Infrared Illuminator can be used to wash out the bloom of the Infrared Laser Pointer at engagement distances.


The ATPIAL-C is a low profile laser system that mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny Rail. Its design allows it to sit lower on the rail than most other lasers, creating a “saddle bag” affect, so as not to impede the shooter’s sight picture when mounted at the 12 o’clock position. Its glass-reinforced high-strength polymer body housing is very robust and impact resistant. The unit features a simple dial selector for changing the output settings on top of the housing. Activation is achieved via the included remote pressure pad or onboard “fire” button. A rear-facing battery compartment makes changing batteries simple and convenient, even when the unit is pushed all the way forward against a standard AR Front Sight Base (by the way: you should never store your expensive night vision and lasers with the batteries installed). Windage and elevation adjustments require a small flat head screw driver and produce positive clicks.

The ATPIAL-C is the closest thing an individual can get to the standard issue full power ATPIAL.

We are currently accepting pre-orders. L-3 will be delivering the first units to our warehouse mid to late November with the next shipment in mid to late December. Shipping will be first come, first served. Pre Orders must be paid in full.

Place your Pre Order before September 15 and get it for only $1,199.00. That’s a $100 savings! After that, the price is $1,299


Insight Technology’s BNVD & MTM

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Binocular Night Vision Device

The BNVD is a follow-on to L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight Technology’s AN/PVS-15 and incorporated dual Gen III tubes.

– Manual system gain and focus adjustments for custom image quality optimization.
– Rotating binocular design allows low profile against helmet when in stowed position and ability to use as a single monocular.
– Auto OFF when stowed; resumes power when deployed.
– Internal low battery indicator visible in optic when<10 minutes. - Replaceable I2 Tubes (accepts MX-11769 or MX-10160) - Quick Release Helmet Mount Design

Mini Thermal Monocular


The MTM can be employed handheld or mounted to a tripod and features an integrated laser pointer.

– Available with either IR or visible laser pointer
– Optional 3X extender lens for long range man-sized detection
– Optional weapon or helmet mount accessories
– Optional LCD screen for larger viewing area
– Optional cable enables capture, download, and storage of 160 thermal images

Insight Technology from L-3 Warrior Systems is available for unit and agency purchases from www.ADSinc.com.


Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle 18 from L3 Warrior Systems‘ Insight Technology division are a modification of the Panoramic goggles originally developed to provide Aviators with a wider field of view. Legacy night vision binocular systems with their 18mm tubes offer a 45 deg FOV while the Panoramic model’s four smaller tubes (16mm) increase that out to 95 deg.

Above you can see the GPNVG18 in Blue Force Gear’s AUSA booth. It is mounted on a Crye Precision AirFrame Helmet with an Adams Industries ANVIS mount.

Click on these photos to enlarge them.

If you’re wondering, yes the GPNVG18 uses a separate battery pack. Remember, it was originally designed for Aviation use so it’s much like ANVIS technology.

Here is the complete kit all snuggled in a nice, padded storage case with removable hard case for the goggle.

There aren’t a lot of these systems out there yet, but they are there. Hopefully, we’ll see more. However, the Aviation folks are already looking at new helmet technology that eliminates night vision goggles altogether but rather puts a panoramic screen in front of the eyes of the Aviator and projects data normally found on a Heads Up Display as well as images taken from night vision cameras on the side of the helmet as well as other locations.


Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

SU-233 / PVS gun lightCurrently Insight Technology provides the SU-233 / PVS gun light which is more commonly known as the Visible Bright Light (VBL) III component of the Miniature Day / Night Sight in the Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD) kit. Any new light will be judged against it and will have to show improved, cost, schedule, and performance. Please take note of the order of those words. The first two are what will get an acquisition professional in trouble, the last one is generally just icing on the cake.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane which is responsible for SOCOM weapon programs, recently released a solicitation for a new VBL III. Once selected, the awardee will be responsible for providing Crane with between 10 and 37,500 lights over the next five years in batches of less than 1000.

The list of requirements is extensive and very well written. It includes compatibility with Mil Std 1913 rails but I found it interesting that they were open to other attachment systems if the government could obtain rights to use the system on all of their accessories. Other requirements include waterproofing to 66 ft, and six operating modes which include full and reduced visible white light, infra-red, strobe, non-accidental discharge, and reduced glare modes.

One big issue is that the new light has to exhibit recoil shock endurance sufficient to allow use on all SOF small arms. Word on the street is that the current block II SOPMOD accessories have been having a rough time with the SCAR.

It also has to be compatible with a laundry list of weapons including naturally, the M4 and Mk16/Mk17 (SCAR-L/H) but also the AK 47 and AK 74, M14, and so on, as well as a few that had me scratching my head such as the M3 MAAWS (Carl Gustav) and M2 Heavy Machine Gun. You really need to look the solicitation up and read it. Some of these just don’t make sense for a small light like this. Pistols however, were not listed.

While Insight Technology has long been a favorite of the folks at Crane but Surefire seems to have built one heck of a competitor with their RAID M720 which seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

Surefire M720V

Full specifications as well as details of the solicitation are available here.