S.O.Tech 2015 Limited Edition Kryptek Gear Run

S.O.Tech has announced their first public run of Kryptek gear. Available patterns will be Kryptek Typhon, Mandrake and Highlander.

Available Kryptek gear:
-Legendary Mission Go Bag
-S.O.Tech Go Bag
-S.O.Tech Go Sling Bag
-Legacy Rifleman’s Pack
-Legacy Falcon Chest Harness
-Reusable tactical shopping bags
-and….Battle Bears!

Be sure to order early to guarantee your gear! S.O.Tech will run the pre-order until 4/20/15. There will be limited overage since this is a Limited Edition run so be sure to pre-order or else you may miss out!

Pre-orders will ship in June in time for Summer!


3 Responses to “S.O.Tech 2015 Limited Edition Kryptek Gear Run”

  1. Uniform223 says:

    I always liked the kryptek patterns.

  2. Adiboo says:

    I am really having a hard time finding any clothing in the NOMAD pattern…

    Would love to have some for this arid desert in AZ, but it seems like nobody is making it easy. 🙁