The 1947 Timepiece

The 1947 Timepiece features a 3-hand OS21 Quartz Chronograph movement, within a black ion-plated stainless steel case with a gun grip bezel. The watch face has dual chronograph sub-dials with 60-minute and 24-hour counters, luminous hands and hour markers, as well as a date display located at the 6 o’clock location.

The Timepiece also comes with a dual tip watchband replacement tool as well as extra pins. Who does that? These guys, that’s who.


In addition to the lockable hard case, the watch comes with four MultiCam print (MultiCam, Black, Arid and Tropic) watchbands made from 500D Cordura.


This is a really nice package. I’ll leave you with one tidbit of information. See that little “pull here” tab? Make sure you do it. It has info on how to set the watch as well as swap bands.

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17 Responses to “The 1947 Timepiece”

  1. JS says:

    that’s not a bad price and the discount is even better!!

  2. Dellis says:

    Beautiful watch! I don’t normally wear a watch but this is one I might like to have. The face of it though looks huge…anyone know the size of it? Or did I miss that from the site and here in this post?

  3. Steve says:

    “The watch face features dual obnoxious logos and also has some time related markings and stuff…”

    Other than that major functional design flaw, it’s a sharp looking watch. Err I mean timepiece.

  4. Mike says:

    The watch would be perfect if it didn’t say 1947 in the middle of the face

  5. Ben says:

    The “Multicam” logo really makes it pop

  6. Dev says:

    It’s a shame they didn’t go with an off-the-shelf ETA movement or something similar instead.

  7. Darrel says:

    I don’t like this trend of watches with gigantic faces. I get that there are people who have large wrists, but it seems like the only people buy them really don’t wear their watch every day.

    It has a quartz movement, which should drop its bloated price down to peanuts. Say whatever you want, but it costs china literally pennies to make a quartz movement that keeps time within 2 seconds a month, twenty times more accurate than a Rolex 3135 movement.

    • z0phi3l says:

      43mm is not a “giant” watchface, it’s pretty “normal” sized, unless you prefer tiny ladies watches

  8. CapnTroy says:

    Nice watch…does it come in OCP…?

    • 1947 says:

      The watch includes 4 bands – MULTICAM® , MULTICAM® Arid, MULTICAM® Black and MULTICAM® Tropic.

  9. m5 says:

    It is really good that it comes in Multcam. Even if you’re compromised by the glare from the huge lens, the enemy can’t figure out what it was, thanks to your superior camouflage. Just remember to swap the band according to your environment.

    And the little suitcase! Almost waterproof, lockable and even with a pressure equalization vent. What a thoroughly thought through design. Never has it been so easy to take your watch along when you have to deploy.

    And most important of all, never mind the battery, you’ll always know what time it is. It’s 1947 past Multicam.