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Griffin Armament Announces New 30SD Silencer


Griffin Armament is now shipping their new 30SD (mod2) suppressor. It features a tube ‘chassis’ machined from billet 17-4 with an integral blast chamber and front mount support, as well as patent pending fluting that increases surface area by 40%, leading to increased cooling efficiency and durability.

The 30SD (mod2) suppressor utilizes the Griffin SDQD interface which uses a heavy duty spring plate / locking gate system, which offers severely reduced wear when compared to traditional metal on metal ratcheting component mounting systems. The 30SD (mod2) also features a low-profile flash suppressor.

The 30SD comes with a 2-port 30 caliber muzzle brake, and for a limited time, when purchased through, a 5.56mm M4SD Hammer Comp mount.



  • Fluted Tube Chassis for increased strength, cooling, and service life
  • Tuned baffling improves multi-cal performance
  • Integral low-profile flash suppressor
  • Ratings – RECCE 7:
  • – 7.5″ 5.56mm
    – 8″ 300BLK
    – 8″ 7.62×39
    – 8″ 6.8SPC
    – 12.5″ 7.62×51
    – 24″ 300WM

  • TIG Fusion Welded
  • Repeatable POI shift
  • Wear Free QD System
  • 30SD 2 Port Brake Included
  • 5.56mm M4SD Hammer Comp included for limited time via
  • Silencer Pouch included
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    7 Responses to “Griffin Armament Announces New 30SD Silencer”

    1. UnderstandingWallfly says:

      Let us know when Griffin Armament designs something original and not a copy of other manufacturers products. Till then *yawns* I’m going back to bed.

    2. Steve says:


    3. Darrel says:

      Why would anyone buy an NT4 clone that doesn’t even look cool? Locking gates are junk.

      What’s that little laser on the right side of the rifle? That looks really nice.

      • TCBA_Joe says:

        It’s a Steiner CQBL

        As for the locking gate, I REALLY like my M4SDK. It works on A2 hiders, although it’s a 5.56 can. I’m not sure what the appeal of the .30 version is, unless it also fits on .30 “A2” style or the 5.56 hiders.

        • TheMirage says:

          From what I know the 30SD will fit the A2 style hider on both the 5.56 and 30 cal styles. Another plus is it’s rated down to a 7.5″ 5.56 which none of the M4SD models are.