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SilencerCo Releases Four New Products

Today, SilencerCo has announced the release of four new products likely to gain the attention of suppressor fans worldwide. At an industry event held in Key West, Florida, and dubbed “Maxim Vice”, SilencerCo demonstrated the new lineup of products. The company is producing the first internally suppressed 9mm pistol that is commercially viable, a universal suppressor that will fit virtually all common firearms, and a new user configurable .22 Osprey variant. SilencerCo Weapons Research, their new technologies branch, has announced the department’s first product, The Radius laser range finder.

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – September 16th, 2015 – Furthering their reputation for constant innovation in firearm sound suppression, SilencerCo today released four new silencers, and a weapons mountable laser range finder under their SWR line. Of the new products, the Maxim 9 handgun with internal suppressor is the boldest departure from the company’s usual offerings.


The Maxim 9 Pistol

While the ATF is still without ruling, this new 9mm handgun may begin to ship early 2016 with only one serial number, as the suppressor is permanently attached to the firearm. The prototypes shown are near completion, with a final production version nearing manufacture. SilencerCo claims that the Maxim 9 will be a duty-grade handgun which will match current service pistols in accuracy and reliability, all while being hearing safe with all commercially loaded ammunition. The company plans to team up with Raven Concealment Systems, to provide a series of holsters for the new pistol. There will likely be a few cosmetic changes to the Maxim 9, to include a change to the lower frame. Currently, the Maxim 9 uses a highly modified Smith & Wesson M&P receiver as the fire control group, but there is a strong possibility that the company will uses a proprietary design with a commonly available magazine for the production version. Specs are not out yet, nor a price as the company finishes the weapon’s evolution. Further updates will be given in January 2016.


The Hybrid Silencer

The Hybrid is a lightweight, user configurable silencer built to fit nearly every rifle and pistol in your collection. The Hybrid can be configured for all common calibers, from all small bore and handgun rounds, to larger and heavier calibers such as magnum rounds such as .300 Winchester mag, .458 SOCOM, and even .45-70. The can has a 7.6″ overall length, and will allow the user to select the appropriate rear attachment, depending on which host firearm it will be installed. The Hybrid uses caliber-specific front caps to tighten the last aperture the projectile passes, helping reduce the decibel rating to that caliber. In some calibers, this is the most quiet suppressor SilencerCo has ever built. The Hybrid is compatible with many existing SilencerCo front and rear accessories, which should be a relief to those already using their flash hiders, breaks, and front caps. This design will likely be favored by those new to the class 3 market, and those needing a silencer for less common calibers. Price and availability will be announced in January 2016.


The Osprey Micro

The Osprey Micro takes the style of SilencerCo’s centerfire handgun cans, and pairs it with the adaptability of their Salvo-12 shotgun suppressor. The Osprey Micro ships in its 4.6″ OAL configuration, but can be shorted quickly and easily by the user to reduce the length to an impressively short 3.1″. The longer configuration weighs in at 6.1 oz., while the shorty setup weighs a scant 4.3 oz. The silencer is hearing safe in either configuration, which is surprising for such a short can. The Osprey Micro ships with a rapid detach adapter, and can be used on all rimfire rifles and handguns. Full auto rated, the Osprey Micro can handle .22 WMR, and the .17 series of rimfire cartridges. The squared off design common to the Osprey family of silencers, allows for a flat sight plane with no need for specialty raised sights. Listed with a $599 price tag, the Osprey Micro ships in October 2015 to dealers everywhere. The short length of the Osprey Micro lends to the desire to reholster pistols with the can installed, and SilencerCo will have a series of special holsters offered for popular pistol models from a partnerships with Raven Concealment Systems.

Osprey Micro White Paper


The Radius

Located in Austin, TX, SilencerCo Weapons Research has launched its first technology-driven product, The Radius. Previously, we had said for consumers to anticipate products that will enhance their shooting experience and bring into civilian reach capabilities that were formerly only available to Government end users. The Radius is a laser range finder that provides a lightweight, rugged package that is weapons mountable and waterproof. The Radius can be “zeroed” to your firearm quickly and easily using a slaved Visible laser, and then blocked off for those wishing to use the unit for hunting. The primary IR laser can gather distance information in meters or yards, out to one mile. The Radius has easy-to-use controls, and a prepositional read out display, which can be set for the 9, 12, or 3 o’clock positions. This allows the user to pick the ideal place for mounting the LRF when selecting different firearms to use. Waterproof to one meter, and operationally affected by few weather conditions, The Radius can be used in the rain and over bodies of water. When it is left in a continuous ranging mode, it can provide instant readings for up to 12 hours on two standard CR123 batteries. Alternatively, it can be remotely fired via a pressure pad down lead. The Radius range finder will be offered for pre-sale starting today, and ships next month for an MSRP of under one thousand dollars.

The Radius White Paper

SilencerCo continues to keep the industry on their toes and test the line of what is considered possible. The company is venturing into an uncharted territory with the goal of bringing the best shooting advancements within reach. We will bring more updates on these and other SilencerCo products as they are announced.



16 Responses to “SilencerCo Releases Four New Products”

  1. Ben says:

    Is the IR laser used on the radius visible under NODs?

    • SpartanDieselTech says:

      I’d like to know this as well. If it is, this will save a good bit of money over a RAPTAR on weapons that don’t need the additional RAPTAR features.

    • reximus says:

      Yes, the IR laser is visible under NODs.

  2. phil says:

    my anime nerd brain thinks the Maxim 9 looks a lot like the Dominator from Psycho Pass. Awesome.

  3. Russ says:

    What will they think of next! Keep it up guys

  4. S. says:

    I see an MLOK URX 4.

  5. Vereceleritas says:

    Slick way of recycling the SWR trademark.

  6. Duray says:

    It’s called a “brake,” not a break.