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Haley Strategic Partners – HSP Website 2.0 Launch


Haley Strategic Partners has updated their website to its 2.0 incarnation. With this update, HSP has also dropped two new products, the Disruptive Grey FlatPack and Incog Rifle Bag Long.


Disruptive Grey FlatPack

The HSP D3 FlatPack is now available in Disruptive Grey. The D3 FlatPack is a pack designed with a unique expandable gusset system, which allows it to go from an almost flat profile to 600 cubic inches when completely expanded. For the full details on the D3 FlatPack, you can read our previous coverage of the pack.


Incog Rifle Bag Long

The Incog Rifle Bag Long is extended version of the original Incog Rifle Bag sized to accommodate SPR type rifles up to 38.5″ long. Like the original Incog Bag, the Long Bag is constructed of 1000D Cordura fabric with reinforced bar tack construction and can easily accommodate a handgun, rifle, chest rig, magazines, and more, for discreet carry or a trip to the range.

Additionally, HSP has also produced a video describing their Disruptive Science (D5) Program.

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12 Responses to “Haley Strategic Partners – HSP Website 2.0 Launch”

  1. NP says:

    I really appreciate the specialized, holistic approach they are taking.

    Travis Haley’s shirt size in this video though…..

  2. Dellis says:


  3. Patrick says:

    Shit man, Marines keep Baby Gap in business.

  4. Agarie says:

    Anyone can tell me the model of the scope that they put in the bag(photo)?

  5. threeseven says:

    Yes this is all great but when are we going to see the D3CR in Distuptive Grey?

  6. Matt says:

    But all I want to know… all that really matters is… is it dynamic??

  7. John says:

    Disruptive grey? Looks like plain-ass old grey to me.

  8. Bill says:

    Isn’t grey ( which I really like) the merging of black and white in equal measures, with peace and harmony? How is that disruptive? Wolf Gray, that’s disruptive, and will eat Coyote.

  9. Bill says:

    After watching his video, I’m a lot more inclined to take one of his classes. I understand that it’s subliminal advertising, but I hate instructors who either pull it out of their ass or repeat the dogma they were initially taught.