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Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Grey Ghost Gear  / Orion Design Group / S&S Precision

I had a chance to catch up with Orion Design Group.  They gave me a peek at a couple of new items in their Lupus camouflage pattern.  


In addition to this Lupus helmet cover for the Crye Precision AirFrame helmet, they’ve got a MOLLE Chassis for the S&S Precision PlateFrame. 

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8 Responses to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Grey Ghost Gear  / Orion Design Group / S&S Precision”

  1. Phil says:

    Chassis for the plate frame? Couldn’t I just use a plate carrier? What am I missing?

    • Eric says:

      The plate carrier has too much fabric, hence the plate frame.
      The plate frame doesnt hade fabric, so put fabric on it to make IT look like plate carrier.

      I am deeply confused..

      There is hopefully a good reason to this.

    • David says:

      Pretty sure it’s just a panel that can be added to the frame to make it easier to weave pouches on.

      • ODG says:

        Thanks for the questions fellas, If you’re not intimately familiar with S&S Precision’s line of products you should be, they make fantastic gear and have a team of phenomenally talented people. The plate frame which is by far my favorite plate carrier on the market was designed to be extremely light weight and primarily geared toward Amphibious tasks, OTB, Diving, VBSS which is why it is constructed of hydrophobic materials. However it is also a great lightweight minimalist carrier for law enforcement and low visibility tasks. That said it is not molle friendly. Can you mount molle pouches on it? Yes, but its not very optimal. We were approached by SOF members that wanted a way to solve the molle attachment issues and bridge a gap in scaling the carriers load carrying real estate up for direct action uses. So we designed a new shoulder strap kit, cummerbund and front and rear molle chassis with a zip on zip off rear for customizable assault panel carriage. So now it is completely scalable for Anphib/Low Vis/DA.

  2. Reseremb says:

    Fabric and webbing are from two different patterns or is the coloration?

    • Dev says:

      They are very similar. I have a HPG pack in ODG and the woven webbing pattern matches up with the fabric very well, naked eye at least.

      • Reseremb says:

        Thanks for the answer, didn’t put my hands on one yet (any distributor in Europe?) to check it under natural light, really hope ODG patterns were more widely available.

    • ODG says:

      The coloration issue is because we are experimenting with new treatments for UV and IR performance and it is causing discoloration in some artificial light environments. In natural light light it looks and performs as designed. Great questions, I appreciate the posts gentleman and we will be putting up more pictures soon. Thanks!