Beamshot – Insider Multi-Function Laser Light System

Rather than just a single light device, Beamshot’s Imsider is actually a system, consisting of multiple, plug-and-play components which can be quickly configured. In fact, it offers a minimum of two, and up to four different aiming and illumination combinations.

The system incorporates a visible laser sight (Red or Green) with either an IR or White LED or even an IR laser sight or laser illuminator. Multifunction light modes give you the flexibility for momentary, constant on, strobe and dimmer operation ambidextrously. The base model offers an infrared or 500 Lumen LED light. Upgrades include a red or green visible laser sight, an IR laser sight, a laser illuminator as well as a camera module or thermal camera module.

The battery power supply is interestingly contained in the pistol grip. They’ve developed a push-button system to “fast reload” a battery pack. The pistol grip also features a built-in switch, allowing one hand to operate the rifle, laser and light while giving you a free hand for another task. You can also see the wire chase which conforms to the side of the receiver.


Although shown here on an AR, they are also developing a variant for the AK. Finally, the Insider MFLLS is certified to IP67 Waterproof standards.


One Response to “Beamshot – Insider Multi-Function Laser Light System”

  1. Jason says:

    Huh, that’s a nifty little use of the pistol grip. Hopefully they have models that can extend farther along the handguard? If you’re using any sort of rail and you probably wouldn’t want your support hand backlit and blocking the light/laser.