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USASOC Sniper Comp – Wilcox Industries

Every time I sit down with Wilcox Industries they have something new. This company is constantly innovating. This time, it’s the G24R mount and low-pro shroud. The R suffix is for ‘rail’ and as you can see, it’s set up to accept both ground and aviation goggle interfaces.

It incorprates all of the features you’d expect from a Wilcox mount:
Breakaway Release Lever
Tilt Adjustment
Lock Release Lever for Height of NVG
Fore/Aft Release Lever for proximity to eyes
NVG Release Lever
Flip Release
Wilcox Dovetail Shoe
Available in Black or Tan


Another thing I really like about this shroud is how close it fits to the helmet.

The part number for the G24R Mount and low-profile shroud with lanyard is 61300G19.


3 Responses to “USASOC Sniper Comp – Wilcox Industries”

  1. sopcwannabe says:

    is the shroud jumpable without being taped?

  2. AV says:

    I’ve been using this shroud with a DPAM for about six months now. I love it. I also have one of there standard universal shrouds with a DPAM. While it works great as well, I prefer the low profile shroud much more because it improves alignment and adjustment of the goggles by bringing the overall apparatus in closer.