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SixKa Brand By 707 Tactical Gear Now Featuring PenCott Camo Clothing And Boots

Although fabrics in the PenCott family of advanced camouflage patterns have been printed in the USA since July 2011, finished products in the patterns have been harder to obtain in the Americas than they have in Europe – especially garments.


That situation has begun to noticeably improve this year, and there is also now a US-based company making a wide range of tactical clothing and boots in PenCott camouflage patterns. That company is 707 Tactical Gear out of Miami, Florida with their SixKa brand of tactical garments and gear. 707 Tactical Gear designs products specifically to their clients requests and cuts-and-sews them from U.S.-made milspec materials in their wholly owned factories in Mexico.

Speed-Tac 9 PENCOTT

707 Tactical Gear provided the first sneak-peak look at SixKa products in PenCott patterns at the SHOT Show. Now they are going into full production with a range of tactical garments and boots in the PenCott GreenZone and BadLands camo patterns.

All PenCott camouflage fabrics are made and printed in the USA to US Army Milspec standards and include robust, comfortable and highly fade resistant, vat-dyed, Cordura brand Nylon-Cotton ripstop and ultra-strong, abrasion resistant, acid-dyed Cordura brand nylon.


Products that are now in production, and available to order in PenCott camo patterns, include the following:

  • Eon 6k Combat Pants
  • Eon 6k Combat Shirt
  • 707 Camo BDU Pants
  • Advanced Tactical Shirt
  • Speed-Tac 9 Boot
  • D-Force Boot
  • 707 Tactical Gear will be displaying an even wider range of their SixKa brand products at the NTOA Conference and Exhibition at the end of August, and this will include additional products, such as:

  • SixKa Combat Pant
  • Classic Gear Shirt
  • TESTAC Multicap
  • Kourass Vest Carrier
  • Nomad Chest Rig
  • Recon Fanny Pouch
  • You can view full product details, download a PDF catalog, or place an order at www.sixkausa.com.

    The PenCott family of camouflage patterns was developed by Dom Hyde of Hyde Definition Ltd. in response to the US Army’s Camouflage Improvement Initiative. The patterns have since gone on to achieve considerable commercial success and have also been in use with many of the western world’s top military and law enforcement special operations forces. PenCott camouflage fabrics and trims are stocked and distributed globally by MMI Textiles in Westlake, Ohio. For more information about the PenCott patterns, and to browse photos of them in use around the world, visit: www.pencottcamo.com.

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    10 Responses to “SixKa Brand By 707 Tactical Gear Now Featuring PenCott Camo Clothing And Boots”

    1. SteveB says:

      Excellent. Being one of the most effective family of patterns ever devised (IME, along with Kryptek), it’s nice to see more Pencott gear available in the States.

      (Sorry Caleb, but MC Tropic is way too dark. Fix Tropic and the MC family will be GTG )

    2. BAP45 says:

      Am I the only who see’s a subtle Walking Dead reference on Sixka’s site? “stuff and things” haha.

    3. adil says:

      any one use these before?

      can shed some light if they are a good buy for urban and hunting use

    4. Lawrence says:

      I’ve not used them, but I did have the opportunity to closely inspect the BDU pants and the boots at the SHOT Show and the quality looked very good.

      Apparently they are also a sub-contractor for TRU-SPEC too – so I would guess that the quality and durability of the goods is similar (taking into account any differences in materials used).

    5. G3SM says:

      That Badlands pattern on the pants makes me think of essentially what an effective UCP could have been with the appropriate shade of Green/Tan (if they had still kept a shade of grey vs. the brown in the Badlands anyway).

    6. phil says:

      i’m honestly always a little wary of any company whose name seems like a typo of another brand…i thought this was about Sitka https://www.sitkagear.com/ at first. Anyone have any of this gear?

    7. babola says:

      In 36″ inseam please in the future if you can, for some of us taller folk.

      Thanks SixKa and the co.