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BCB International – New camouflage in sight for EUROSATORY

Visitors to this year’s EUROSATORY Trade Show in Villepinte, France (13-17 June) can look forward to trying on a new squeezable camouflage face paint developed by survival equipment specialists, BCB International Ltd (Hall 6 G798).

CJOAX 40 (1416 x 2128)

For over 40 years, BCB International have been producing camouflage creams which are used by many NATO troops to stay concealed from enemy combatants. BCB will be unveiling for the first time at EUROSATORY their range of squeezable camouflage face paint. BCB International’s squeezable camouflage face paint is issued to the Canadian Armed Forces.

BCB’s French Government Sales Manager, Philippe Minchin, said: “Stealth and the element of surprise is vital in any military operation. Generations of soldiers have relied on BCB’s camouflage face paint to blend in with their operational environment and stay a step ahead of the enemy.

Squeezy camo tubes

“Currently provided in individual colour tubes (black, brown, green and tan), the squeezable variant has the same properties of our split-stick and three colour compact camouflage face paints. It is non-irritant, sweat proof and offers a high degree of protection against the sun as well as infra-red searching devices.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand (Hall 6 G798) who want to try on our camouflage face paint.”

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2 Responses to “BCB International – New camouflage in sight for EUROSATORY”

  1. Jeff Clement says:

    Lieutenants at The Basic School will be lining up to buy in bulk…

  2. Bill says:

    If it isn’t made from petrified wood and it doesn’t come in a metal tube it isn’t face paint.