USSOCOM Selects Revision For Advancement Of Headborne Systems Technologies

USSOCOM has awarded Revision a contract worth $726,000 for Advancement of Headborne Systems Technologies. This is in response to a Broad Area Announcement issued earlier this year to refine requirements for the next generation SOF helmet. That BAA can be seen below.


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During SOFIC, Revision unveiled their new Multi-Use Bump Shell With Ballistic Capability. It is a multi-component system with a bump shell and two-piece armored appliqué to allow the wearer to increase the protection level in response to the threat.

The rail system is skeletonized to save weight and the suspension system is easily removable to integrate comms.  Below is an artist’s rendition of the helmet with the appliqué mounted as we are unable to share photographs of the actual plates.

Unless there is something up Revision’s sleeve which we haven’t seen yet, we imagine that this helmet wil be used as the basis for this work. Eventually, we hope to see a fully refined requirement for SOCOM’s next helmet. While there is no guarantee that there will be a new helmet requirement or that Revision will eventually be selected, this development contract certainly gives them a leg up on any future helmet solicitation.


3 Responses to “USSOCOM Selects Revision For Advancement Of Headborne Systems Technologies”

  1. matt says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! After the shit show that was the LBH with Ops-Core I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    • Invictus says:

      Shit show? Please refresh me. I’m curious!

      • matt says:

        It’s more WARCOM than SOCOM but they kept kicking it back because it wasn’t meeting the FPS they wanted and then when they finally released them they wanted them all back so they could dip them. There were more shenanigans involved but I don’t think this is the appropriate forum.