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Warrior East – 5.11 XPRT Uniform

There was a sneak peek of 5.11 Tactical’s new XPRT uniform at SHOT Show but the actual public debut at IWA in Germany earlier this year. It only seems fitting as the features were hammered out in conjunction with a European national police CT unit. I got to check it out the but the only sample was in Dark Navy, making it difficult to discern details, and the booth was swamped with customers.

The uniform’s first American appearance was during SOFIC, but 5.11 asked me not to show it yet.

Finally, at Warrior East, I’m able to show you this new three-piece uniform. It includes Tactical and Rapid shirts as well as Tactical Pant.

5.11 has put a lot of innovation into the XPRT uniform. For example, they are the first adopters of the new NYCO Tactical fabric from Invista which also offers Cordura fabric. It still features a rip-stop weave but  it’s lighter than the standard 50/50 NYCO we are now used to, and has a more comfortable hand.  

And then, there’s the whole design. It’s unlike anything else 5.11 has ever offered.

Black and Dark Navy have landed in the US and should be on 5.11 Tactical’s website shortly. MultiCam will be available around SHOT Show 2017.

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6 Responses to “Warrior East – 5.11 XPRT Uniform”

  1. Ho Lee Phuk says:

    So cool that they included a mandarin collar, no clothing item is complete without one totally useless feature that no one uses!

    • Its not the stand-up / ‘Mandarin’ collar that’s the problem – its that big Velcro tab that’s always a pain in the neck (literally). A stand-up collar is a good thing, its more practical and comfortable in use than a pointed collar, and it also helps to protect the neck against rubbing from straps, slings, gear, etc.

    • Doouche Poser says:

      That’s arguable.

      They’re great to avoid chaffing from slings and some plate carriers (depending on their designs). And on FR clothing (not the case here tho) they help avoid gaps between balaclavas and uniform tops.

  2. Luke says:

    Big fan of that pants pocket arrangement, been working on some DIY pants with something similar. By moving the outseam to the 4/8 o’clock you get super wide opening and everything is set in seams. Cant see it but I’m assuming the back edge of the pockets butt up against the back pockets, arcteryx has done something similar a few times and I’m glad to see it catch on. Also keeps the cargo pocket up high where it belongs.

    Bicep pockets look small and hard to get into, that would be my one armchair critique.

  3. James says:

    Did they change their storm grey? That looks a lot less blue than some of their stuff I have.