SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Warrior East – Knight’s Armament Corp LMG

Knight’s showed the latest version of the 5.56mm Light Machine Gun. You may also notice a new suppressor. The LMG is starting to gain momentum, particularly overseas. Maybe, we’ll see a 7.62mm big brother in the future.

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8 Responses to “Warrior East – Knight’s Armament Corp LMG”

  1. Ross says:

    How about a civilian legal semi-automatic.

  2. Scott says:

    Hopefully they eventually will start marketing it and releasing information. As it is no one even knows what the takedown procedure looks like, and they won’t tell anyone because they say it’s proprietary information.

  3. Erik says:

    Just an observation:

    That looks like a small top-cover. That combined with where the optic is mounted does not look like a fun time to clear jams.

    I will freely admit I only have experience with the 240 series, so maybe those familiar with this can point out what I’m missing.

    • Scott says:

      The short feed cover is supposed to aid in loading in cramped quarters like a culvert where overhead space is limited, and by having a short cover it’s supposed to make optics keep zero better by having them on a fixed surface. I don’t know how it would affect clearing a jam. I’ve not yet had the opportunity to fire a belt-fed. I can tell you that the Negev LMG also has a short feed cover, and the IDF seems to like it. Can’t say how good it really is though.

  4. RayForest says:

    List of things not to do.
    1. Get into extended beltfed gun fight in tight culvert

  5. Diddler says:

    I’ve been really hoping for a large variant. Still, if the weight is really where some are claiming-it’s actually a viable 556 LMG.