Warrior East – Scubapro Helmet Dive Mask

Scubapro has come up with an adapter for their dive masks which allow them to be connected into Ops-Core’s ARC rail fitted to a FAST Helmet in a manner similar to O2 masks for MFF ops. This device really increases the versatility of the FAST Helmet.

Here, it’s fitted to the Synergy Twin mask but the straps can be used with any of Scubapro’s masks with these quick attach clips. The strap can easily be swapped out for a traditional behind-the-head version when needed.

Look for 4th quarter availability.

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2 Responses to “Warrior East – Scubapro Helmet Dive Mask”

  1. I heart pt belts says:

    Clever idea, though I imagine there is a very small pool of people that have a use for it. Coupled with a bump helmet it could be useful in cave or wreck diving. I wonder if it was developed on request or in house.