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TYR Tactical – Female EPIC Non-Cutaway System

In 2013 TYR Tactical began developing a female specific tactical carrier system. The first step was to gather both measurement and movement data for female users.

• Protection of vital organs and breast tissue.
• Solution: Female shape body armor that has additional coverage around the breast tissue.

• Focus on female anatomy driven by the need support and stability.
• Solution: Shape carrier and ballistics to have an inset/cut-in above the breast tissue to accommodate shoulder rotation, female anatomy and allow for shouldering weapon.

• Current female systems lacked the ability to provide proper plate placement. The placement of the plate
did not lay flat on the torso of female participants. It would lay at an angle, applying pressure to the breast tissue area. This ultimately took away from the ballistic performance of the plate and soft armor.
• Solution: The front of the female carrier incorporates a gusseted plate pocket. This pocket relieves tension and pressure that is normally placed on the body from the hard plate in typical plate pocket configurations. This enhances the users range of motion to allow for increased ergonomics and performance. It also provides decreased hot spots on the body by utilizing our airflow chamber technology.

• In the past, load carriage has typically been static and designed in a vertical alignment which does not self-adjust with the operator’s natural movements.
• Solution: Female shaped components such as the shoulders, yoke, collar and belt were created to enhance the overall female system.

Introducing the TYR Tactical Female EPIC Non- Cutaway System (TYR-F-EPIC-NC). It was designed to ensure proper area of coverage while enhancing the users range of motion. This both increases the ergonomics and performance of the carrier.

The Female EPIC Non-Cutaway also incorporates our Patent Pending Female Shape. Two lateral darts contour around the females natural shape while still providing a full range of motion, support and eliminates excess compression on the breast tissue.

It’s engineered utilizing TYR’s revolutionary PV material which offers significant weight reduction with increased resistance to abrasion. PVhas been tested to have 7-10 times higher abrasion resistance than standard mil spec nylon. PV also enhances the ballistic attributes of armor within the vest. Antimicrobial/FR treated padded spacer mesh is used internally for comfort.

• Patent Pending Female Shape
• PALS webbing for MOLLE attachment
• Hydration/Communication Tabs for routing
• Attachment points for a 2-Wire Cutaway Cummerbund (Sold Separately)
• EPIC™ Low Profile Shoulders
• Our Patented Ballistic Vein Increases Load Carriage Performance, Provides A Rigid Platform, Reduces Fatigue, Stabilizes & Enhances Soft Armor Inserts
• Reinforced Drag Handle
• Removable Assaulters Zip-On Back Panel
• Semi-Rigid Exterior MOLLE Cummerbund
• Repair Buckle Kit
• T52/SP Soft Armor [Meets Level II NIJ0101.06]

The TYR Tactical Female EPIC Non-Cutaway System launches Thursday, 1-Sept-16 @Midnight. Take 15% off your entire retail purchase during the TYR Tactical Labor Day Sale with coupon code: LABORDAY16.

Sale Dates: Thursday, 1-Sept-16 – Tuesday, 9-Sept-16



17 Responses to “TYR Tactical – Female EPIC Non-Cutaway System”

  1. Eddie says:

    One could say the wage gap doesn’t matter with Tyr’s prices. Hahaha! xD Love you ladies!

    • D.B. says:

      I have to admit after a quick look at that first photo I thought – is TYR focusing on school girls now? They look tiny 😉

    • BillC says:

      I know this is not the time or place to argue this, but I can’t help it. The gender wage gap, by and large, is a myth. The popular 77 cents to every dollar doesn’t factor in education levels of the two demographics to start with. Also two equal people, a man and woman, out of college generally makes exactly the same, everything else held equal. They will for years.

      However, women generally want or do have a child. Their needs shift to a more time flexible position because of family needs. This is generally traded in terms of less compensation or not having a job position that is more demanding of one’s time, which is generally rewarded with more pay. This is colloquially known as “the baby tax”. This is not the same as a Wage Gap. Think about it, if that were the case, then there is mass conspiracy of managers (of both men and women) that secretly hate women and they all agreed to show their hatred by paying all women only 77% of their worth. Also, if women do come cheaper than men, everything else held equal, why would anybody hire men? A company could just hire all women and save nearly a quarter of their labor budget!!

  2. jbgleason says:

    Pretty damn smart move bringing this out with the emphasis on integrating females into combat roles.

    I see a GIANT .mil contract in their future.

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      If I remember correctly someone else won the contract.

      • BillC says:

        No. The military dropped the requirement for female fit body armor a year ago.

        • BillC says:

          Whoops, I meant “no” in the possibility of a mil contract because this is female cut, not “no” in relation to ThatBlueFalcon’s comment on someone else won the contract.

        • joe says:

          As of earlier this month, female IOTVs were still being issued. I got the GenIV IOTV, which can be stripped down to a plate carrier, but the women got both the female IOTV and the unisex plate carrier.

      • SSD says:

        Yes, the Army did and in order to win it, they got rid of the female armor requirement (along with a few others) so that their inferior candidate system would win and they could save a few bucks in licensing something that actually met the original, published requirement.

  3. Terry says:

    It looks like a very well thought out and put together unit, that has a very valid use case.

  4. The Monkey says:

    Hmm wonder if would work well for small dudes as well.

    • bloke_from_ohio says:

      It might. A common practice when I was a scout was outfitting the younger and smaller guys with woman’s packs. It seemed to work well for me when I was a wee lad, and there were many other small statured scouts who used the tactic to great success in my troop.

      • D.B. says:

        True, but these are shaped for the women’s bust.

        Not a great look unless you sport man-b00bs.

        • The Monkey says:

          I suppose still unclear of how much boob room they create, that said most guys have pecs that take up space, they just aren’t as sensitive as boobs

  5. Garrett says:

    Yes! If someone makes a baby bjorn pouch for this I will gladly fork over the money!! My wife will love it. Haha