MATBOCK Monday || Shield IFAK Pouch

This is MATBOCK’s Shield IFAK Pouch. Designed for the Phokus Research Shield kit or any similarly sized IFAK, it features a single tab pull system that will extract the kit halfway from the pouch for easy access for the operator without fear of having the kit fall out of the pouch. Made from MATBOCK’s Ghost Lite material, it is extremely lightweight and features a drain hole at the bottom to ensure zero weight gain when exposed to wet environments.

The pictures are of pre-production prototyoes and show 1 inch webbing used for MOLLE and belt attachments, but these have been switched to 3/4″ webbing so that the pouch will fit on just 2 rows of MOLLE.

Available in MultiCam (shipping in 2 weeks) while Tan and Black colors are expected in the near future.

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5 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday || Shield IFAK Pouch”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Back side looks like “sailcloth”, interesting times seeing where we are going with developing and trying varying materials and designs of tactical gear-

  2. Gerard says:

    Good looking and functional pouch

  3. YOGI says:

    YEAH! been waiting for a minimalist IFAK in ghost material ever since the berserker was released, and here it is.
    Take my money!