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ZEV Technologies – Glock Magazine Basepad


ZEV Technologies’ new Glock Magazine Basepad is built upon the success of the ZEV basepad extension for the Magpul GL9, and features a 3-piece design which allows users to disassemble and reassemble the magazine for cleaning without the use of tools. The basepads are constructed of anodized aluminum, and come in two colors: Red and Black. Additionally, they add +5 capacity to 9mm mags and +4 capacity to .40 cal / .357 SIG mags. Each basepad kit contains the following:

• Basepad assembly (3 piece)
• Basepad baseplate
• Extra power magazine spring

Red Version
Black Version


7 Responses to “ZEV Technologies – Glock Magazine Basepad”

  1. JHP says:

    This is an actual question rather than an attempt at snark: why do people pay $44 for a +5 extension when you can get two Magpul 21 rounders for the same price? When I saw the GL21 I figured it would kill the extension market, not expand it. Is it a mistrust of polymer or because it’s Zev?

    • tcba_joe says:

      I would guess a few reasons. One of which is, for competition use heavy mag extensions help clear the magwell faster and more reliably.

      The other being he “sexy factor”, as well as a distrust for any mag other than OEM by some.

    • Diddler says:

      I’m with you man. For every one guy I know who shoots comps and puts the extensions to use, I know three who put ~$45 base pads on their mags, “because look how badass these are!” I’m going to start just using the GL21s if I don’t have problems with them. I’ll be buying no new ones.

  2. rgr says:

    It’s because you can now buy a 21 rd mag and a +5 extension…it’s not about the money, especially if you’re looking at someone who’s paid to shoot a pistol

    • tcba_joe says:

      I would imagine that extensions on extended mags would be longer than the max magazine length and close to the G18 mags.

  3. Geoff says:

    I would posit that there are a sizable number of people who don’t know about the magazine length limit and/or don’t care. I’m sure if someone made a long enough spring people would +5 a Glock 31 rounder.