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Post-Desert Storm Aimpoint Ad

This image depicts GEN Schwarzkopf’s Protective Detail who came from a Unit of early Aimpoint adopters.  


30 Responses to “Post-Desert Storm Aimpoint Ad”

  1. USTS says:

    Not the BA Apendix carry as well. Doesn’t he know your supposed to have a beard and awesome Tats to do that?

  2. rearmount says:

    Guy on far left AIWBing before AIWBing became cool.

  3. 404953-C says:

    Isn’t there a poster of this on the wall at Shooters?

  4. BillC says:

    Haha, “Early Aimpoint Adopters”. I’ve never heard them called that before.

  5. Jbgleason says:

    BTW. Is college professor glasses fingering his trigger? WTH?

    • DSM says:

      He learned it by watching Mr. Saudi red beret on the right.

    • JKifer says:

      yup, excellent finger placement.. nothing says “I’m a professional gunfighter” better than escorting the dude your protecting with your finger on the trigger.. BUT even better is the dude with the same thing going on with his mp5 in the just chilling position.. but what do I know, I wasn’t there…

      • Kris says:

        Exactly, you were not there. Is he really placing his finger on the trigger? Can you tell from the picture definitively? Those escorting the General are likely individuals who have a refined awareness of safety and combative skills/techniques. Think forward about 30 years and ask yourself who typically escorts these types of individuals. If you cant answer, you should probably not comment, they are a select number of people you wouldn’t understand or mix well with.

      • Matt says:

        TTP change over time. I’m confident they were more than capable and professionally competent even if they weren’t adhering to todays tactical or tacticool standard. WHAT!?! NO C-CLAMP GRIP???

      • Michael says:

        Based on the geometry of his finger, he very well may have it bent but placed against the lower receiver instead of on the trigger. Hard to tell.

      • Jester says:

        No no no. It’s better to just sit behind the keyboard and nitpick. There’s no way the guys in that photo could have any level of competence. That would be too easy.

      • JKifer says:

        wow, you all need to lighten up and eat a snickers.. I’m no badass nor claim to be one, I do have plenty of real world experience in both MIL/LEO and have received training (while in the service) from the exact kind of guys you speak of ..and guess what.. trigger finger placement as well as selector manipulation were always key portions of training.

  6. D says:


  7. D says:

    But whats happening out of frame? Check out the dudes looking left.

  8. LTC formerly known as MAJ S says:

    Aren’t these AFOSI S/A’s?

      • LTC formerly known as MAJ S says:

        I ask because I have seen a very similar picture–Schwarzkopf security detail– from the same era, with a guy I know standing where Prof Aimpoint is in the picture…and he was an AFOSI S/A at the time.

  9. Marcus says:

    They were probably humming Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. It was around 1991 after all.

    These guys were bad before most people even knew what that meant.

    • Marcus says:

      Looks like a nice pic of the early Model Colt 653 if I am correct. A piece of history right there.

  10. SG says:

    Wearing photographer’s vests before it was cool…

    Photog vests got cool at some point, right?

  11. John says:

    The glasses and mustaches are the best.

  12. maresdesign says:

    I remember seeing very similar spooky-types escorting Norman during his visit to the 82nd HQ in Saudi. It was the first time I ever saw a suppressed Colt Commando rifle.

  13. Michael says:

    Epic on so many levels. Also an interesting photo that I haven’t seen from that era.

  14. Fred says:

    I seem to remember reading in Schwarzkopf’s biography — this is going back a few years now — that his protection detail was made up of guys from 1st SFOD-D. The book said his relationship with the Army SF community was “volatile” at times due to his big army upbringing not to mention his “stormin'” personality. When all was said and done, he came to appreciate their capabilities, Scud-hunting, etc.

    • Fred says:

      So…yeah. I just realized that’s what you were saying when you wrote the caption, SSD. I will now wear the cone of shame.

  15. WV Cycling says:

    I’ve read two of Schwartzkopf’s books, and being just a grade schooler during Desert Storm, somehow him and Gene Kranz (NASA) became individuals I looked up to and respected dearly. RIP.