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Arc’teryx LEAF – ‘Less Is Better’ With New Assault Packs

Arc’teryx LEAF released their Assault Packs as part of the 2017 line.

Essentially, they are updates to the Khard line with minor improvements. These improvements include the name. No one really knew what a “Khard” was when it was first released, but everyone understands what the new naming convention denotes; “Assault Pack” is pretty straight forward.

Like I mentioned, the changes are minor.

The padded shoulder straps and removable waist belt are now common between both the 30 and 45 liter sizes. The suspension is also more PPE friendly.

They’ve also eliminated the zippered pocket inside the pack’s lid due to redundancy, while the zippered pocket on the outside of the lid is no longer as deep, so you won’t lose track of your gear. It also now has a flap. The plus side of this is that it is more water resistant, but I’ve noticed I find myself regularly checking to ensure I’ve zipped it closed, since I can’t just glance at the zipper.

Interestingly, the Khard 60 will remain as-is in both name and configuration, as a specialist item.

The Assault Pack is available in 30 and 45 liter sizes in Crocodile, Wolf Grey, MultiCam and now Black.

See the whole line of LEAF load carriage, including the DryBag series at


7 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF – ‘Less Is Better’ With New Assault Packs”

  1. Picked up a Khyber 50 just a week or so ago; most insanely build piece of gear I’ve ever handled. I keep calling it the backpack from the future, I cannot even figure out how the damn thing must’ve been made (only guess atm is the frame is permanently sewn in right near the end).

    Certainly can’t wait to give it a go with some weight in when the next chance arises. I’m sure all the architecture of the thing will work nicely but it definitely holds itself a bit differently to most other packs on the market.

  2. CS says:

    I like the little inside pocket in my Khards. It’s a nicer place for phones and other valuables.

    I don’t see a real need to upgrade to one of these though, even though I want to. The improvements are so minor. I’ll just wait till Black Friday if I really want one.

  3. Bob says:

    Are the waistbelt pads available separately? I need to get some for my Khard 30.

  4. Orv says:

    I really wish they would make the side pockets larger or bellow outwards to support using them to hold things other than a plank or other things that are slim and tall, such as a water bottle or thermos.

    • SSD says:

      I’ve carried both in mine.

      • Orv says:

        As have I, I do however find that with a loaded pack it’s a tight fit and can make the zipper difficult to close, placing unnecessary stress upon it. I feel that roomier side pockets would make more sense for military field use as it would simplify loading and organization within the side pockets.