SureFire To Launch All-New XC2 Weaponlight At 2017 SHOT Show

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, will be launching its brand-new XC2 at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The XC2 is the next evolution of SureFire’s game changing, ultra-compact pistol lights and builds upon the success of its predecessor, the XC1. It features the same impressive 200-lumen output as the XC1, but also has a 635nm highly visible red-laser. The addition of this laser in conjunction with its 200-lumen white light, makes the XC2 the ultimate compact accessory for concealed-carry. The XC2’s momentary and constant-on switches also feature improved ergonomics, further improving the weaponlight’s overall performance.

Now those who carry concealed not only have the capability to positively identify threats, but also improved low-light target acquisition and the ability to fire from non-standard shooting positions.

To see the XC2, and other brand-new products by SureFire, stop by the SureFire booth (#13968), located on the second level of the main hall of the Sands Expo Center during the 2017 NSSF SHOT Show, January 17 – 20.


23 Responses to “SureFire To Launch All-New XC2 Weaponlight At 2017 SHOT Show”

  1. charlie says:

    Glad to see that they placed the laser at the top, closer to the bore.

  2. PNWTO says:

    Nice, the laser is a grand addition. I assume the XC2 is a different size than the XC1? Time to order some holsters.

  3. P.T. McCain says:

    It’s game-changing.

  4. EzGoingKev says:

    Did they change the light’s switch to match the x300?

  5. Pete says:

    Does anyone know if it will fit a H&K USPC?

  6. Hari says:

    Lasers, no thanks I prefer sights, ill keep my old XC1

    • Scott says:

      Guess you can see your sites in the dark and through a suppressor that obscures your site picture. Everything has its place. 😉

      • Ben says:

        I’ve got no issues seeing my sights in the dark with a suppressor at night. It’s actually easier acquiring them in low/no light situations with a weapon mounted light. If you’ve got trouble seeing them with a can, get suppressor height sights…

  7. Hari says:

    lasers are great for newby aateurs who aren’t confident in their shot placement, surefire isn’t known for catering to the Newby consumer, maybe theyre trying to change that?

    • Bobby davro says:

      thats a bit of a bold statement, Im pretty sure LE and military users would amused to say the least by you calling them amateur and noobs (particularly the SWAT and SOF elements)

      • Bill says:

        This SWAT element, not having access to NVG and IR lasers, only wants one red dot to focus on and it rides on top of the rifle.

      • LCSO264 says:

        there are several situations in which a laser is beneficial, however they are pretty specific. for instance, while carrying a ballistic shield and your handgun, shooting from an awkward or compromised position, or your sustained some degree of injury which limits your ability to focus on/or use your traditional sights…..

        All of that said, the most valuable use for a weapon mounted laser I’ve found in 20+ years as an LE, the intimidation factor. For reasons unknown/not understood by me, and likely everyone on here, you can point a handgun at a bad guy, and they’ll not get too excited, but you paint them with a laser and they damn near melt down. It’s like they for some reason recognize the laser dot as being directly tied to the trigger or something. They just freak out and in my experience are quicker to surrender (prone out). Again, I have no idea why pointing/sighting your handgun on them without a laser does not always produce the same reaction. This is just anecdotal results I and some co-workers have experienced over the years and talked about amongst ourselves. Definitely not a definitive deal, just my experience, to each their own.

  8. dan187 says:

    X400, X400U, X400v…. yep just now doing a laser. I heard they weren’t always called surefire, wonder what their old name was? I bet the Terminator knows….

  9. DAN III says:

    Not impressed. Now one has to go out and look for, and hope to find a holster for this new combination. Good luck with that. Or maybe you plan to carry “Mexican” ?

    On a side note….my XC-1 pooped the bed. Returned for repair/replacement under Surefire’s vaunted warranty. From the time I called for an RMA, shipped it that same day to the time I received the replacement XC-1, was 2 months ! And that only after numerous phone calls asking what the delay was.

    I’ll think twice about buying another Surefire product after the crap I endured trying to get my XC-1 warranty honored.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Hey Surefire, where do I turn in my xc1 for an xc2? For what the xc1 goes for they should credit you some hard earned cash for a xc2!!