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SHOT Show 17 – TNVC/Unity Tactical TAPS Update

During Range Day we mentioned the production version of the Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch. To clarify, there are two variants and externally both look the same because they have the same basic functionality.

The TAPS mounts to M-Lok, KeyMod and Pic rail and includes 7″ SureFire/Insight or 7″ Insight/Insight leads. Once again, it requires a 2032 battery for constant on, but even without it, momentary still works. The only difference from the base model and the TAPSpro is that the pro model is programmable. Consequently, there’s a difference in price. The TAPS is $139 and TAPSpro is $239. Considering other switches are more expensive (and not programmable) that’s not a bad price. Plus, TAPS is 100% Made in USA. Additionally, the switches are available in FDE and Black.

These have been manufactured. The products will be loaded on the website and begin shipping next week.

I hope this answers any questions that have come up.

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3 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – TNVC/Unity Tactical TAPS Update”

  1. d says:

    So the standard TAPS is basically a universal dual remote? Even without the programming, that’s pretty cool.

  2. JKifer says:

    Jesus, how long have we been waiting for this? (although I’m sure that time was well spent proofing the product).. Fuck ya! DBAL-D2/SF harmony..

  3. Dave says:

    IT’s next week no TAPS on website.