SHOT Show – Velocity Systems / Mayflower Jungle Rig Update

During AUSA we gave you a preview of the Mayflower Jungle Rig and told you that a few additional components were under development like the 40mm bandoleer.

It’s ready now and we should see the entire rig available as soon as next month.

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9 Responses to “SHOT Show – Velocity Systems / Mayflower Jungle Rig Update”

  1. Kemp says:

    That whole rig gives me a WW2 vibe!

  2. Kevin says:

    Very Vietnam Aussie SAS….nice!!

  3. Y.T. says:

    I’m curious about the boonie hat on the display.

    • SEK_RTG says:

      It’s the boonie that doesn’t exist. Made by Arc’teryx and also on display at the LEAF booth.

  4. Adamn says:

    Travis has done it again. Respect.

  5. BG says:

    We had a layout like this in the IDF.

    The grenades were drawn from a pulltab inside the pouch and we carried our 6 magazines underneath the grenade pouches 3 on each side 1 stacked on top of the other

  6. some other joe says:

    Price point for the complete LBE, and what is included?

  7. Mike B. says:

    Anyone know what brand are these boots? BTW, the price for this uniform is nuts.