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SHOT Show 17 – IWI Galil ACE Now Available In 5.56 Chambering


This year, IWI has started to receive the 5.56 chambered variants of the AK-derived Galil ACE rifle, which will be offered in various configurations, including carbine, SBR, and pistol. While nothing massive has changed with the gun with this new caliber option, the 5.56 ACEs do have lightening cuts on the receiver, and a true bolt hold open mechanism, which is pretty nice.


Oh, and they accept STANAG magazines, so your existing pile of PMAGs and GI mags will be good to go with this one.

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4 Responses to “SHOT Show 17 – IWI Galil ACE Now Available In 5.56 Chambering”

  1. I handled this at SHOT and wasn’t impressed (as a left handed shooter. The safety was positioned so that it was directly under my index finger, and was not ‘difficult’ to put on safe, but borderline impossible to take off with my index finger of my strong hand. Using my right hand to sweep the right side safety off was difficult as the lever is much much smaller than the AK models, so you have to have the rifle supported by the strong hand only in order to manipulate it.

    As a lefty, this rifle would have me running with the safety off at all times, lest I be forced to completely remove my hand from the grip in order to make it ready to fire.

    If some enterprising soul comes up with an aftermarket solution, the rifle will be a lot more attractive

  2. RCM11 says:

    What I CAN say about the ACE pistol and ACE Rifle I have is that they are built like tanks, but still shoot so smoothly and without the clunks associated with the AK style rifles. The side-folding, collapsible stock is a big plus, too. I will be getting the 5.56 version ASAP

  3. HSR47 says:

    “including carbine, SBR, and pistol.”

    So they’re finally going to come out with a factory SBR of the Galil Ace? Any word on timing for that?