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SPARTANAT: TILO-3 thermal image helmet / head lamp by Andres Industries

This is world’s first thermal image helmet/headlamp. With this product, Andres Industries from Berlin/Germany developed a completely new product group: a thermal imaging system that has all the possibilities of tactical helmets /headlamps:

1. Spotlight white (160 Lumen 20°)

2. Spotlight red

3. IR-Light (invisible)

4. Brightness control

5. Flashing function

If the device is used as a headlamp, it is also worn as such. There is either a helmet holder for attachment to the helmet or an adapter to use the device on the GoPro headband.

Thermal imaging function: To use the thermal imaging function, the TILO-3 is folded down and now it works as a thermal imaging goggle. Despite the small size, the image and recognition quality by far surpasses other commercially available thermal imaging devices. A version with a thermal resolution of <40mK is available for authorities. This is comparable to the performance of a cooled thermal imaging device.

Technical specifications:

  • FOV: 25° H
  • Resolution: 329×240 pixel
  • Rate: 9Hz (hunters), 60Hz (authorities)
  • Weight: about 100g
  • Length: 4cm
  • Price: €2500
  • Protection: IP868 (nitrogen filled)
  • Power: 1xCR123 and external possibleThe lamp function can also be used during use as a thermal imaging device. TILO-3 will have its world premiere during ENFORCE TAC and can also be seen at IWA in Nuremberg.

    EnforceTac March 1st – 3rd, 2017 – Hall 10.1 326

    IWA March 3rd – 6th 2017 – Hall 6-113


    Andres Industries:


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    11 Responses to “SPARTANAT: TILO-3 thermal image helmet / head lamp by Andres Industries”

    1. Mark says:

      “…over here…turn around….any time…”

    2. tangloppen says:

      Would be nice to know more about the sensor. Claiming that its just as good as its cooled counterparts is pretty bold. But if it really is as good, then FLIR and the other American manufactures got some work to catch up on…

      • J.V. says:

        Pure speculation on my part, but this system may very well use an OEM part like a FLIR Boson core as the sensor. I’m not sure how likely it is that a small German company designs/manufactures their own IR sensor solution. Although I’ll be very happy to be proven wrong!

    3. Ron says:

      9 Hz? Lol

      • Will says:

        “Generally, flashing lights most likely to trigger seizures are between the frequency of 5 to 30 flashes per second (Hertz). ” –

        • jack says:

          soooo, I guess your science report indicates that people should refrain from looking through a 9hz thermal imager??

      • Jeff says:

        9Hz is usually the highest frame rate before an export license is needed to ship to other countries.

        The video showed a 60Hz version which is impressive.