TEAM WENDY’S Transit Pack By Mystery Ranch Is Now Available!


CLEVELAND – Team Wendy is pleased to announce the release of the Team Wendy Transit Pack. A collaborative effort between Team Wendy and Mystery Ranch, the pack’s innovate design offers the user multiple ways to transport the bag as well as organize its contents.

The Transit Pack is available through and authorized Team Wendy dealers.


Transit Pack: AT A GLANCE

• Durable design with padding on all sides to protect helmet
• Offers three ways to carry your bag:
o Shoulder straps
o Bag handle on top and side for hand-carry (can also be used to secure to vehicle)
o MOLLE on back of bag that can be attached to MOLLE panels on packs or elsewhere
• Clamshell opening gives access to the entire contents and creates two useable surfaces for kit layout
o Interior flap has Velcro for spare patches and loop mounted accessories
• Three moveable internal pockets that can be placed anywhere in the bag
o Two flat pockets for accessory items such as strobes, goggles, glasses, etc.
o One draw cord bag for NVGs or headset, stored under the helmet

Learn more about the Team Wendy Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch:

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11 Responses to “TEAM WENDY’S Transit Pack By Mystery Ranch Is Now Available!”

  1. Warren says:

    A pack…for a helmet? Get real

    I can understand a carry bag like the SKD PIG and the First Spear hut for storage and protection but a full on pack is a waste of $$.

    Why do I get the feeling that the lazy operator nowadays needs a pack and pouch for EVERYTHING.

    • Dan says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Obviously someone has asked for this thing to be made.

    • redbeard33 says:

      Yeah! Back when I was an operator, we had ALICE and one pouch, for that bandage cravat thingy. We rocked Cobra Gold.

      It’s a sweet helmet bag, that has some stowable pack straps –get real.

  2. Shaun945 says:

    $156 WTF, I can buy a whole new ruck for that and put the helmet inside !!

  3. NWJeep says:

    You only need to protect your helmet’s integrity if there’s something in your head for your helmet to protect. Don’t like or don’t think you need it? Cool, carry on. Let those who want to protect their craniums use it.

    • Vince says:

      Really? Obviously your parents airsoft allowance prevents you from actually using your helmet. Those of us that are issued helmets can figure out where to put them other then overpriced bags. They’re not as susceptible to damage as you think. I’m pretty positive this is once again targeted to the internet/milsim market. Thanks but no thanks. Keep innovating for an actually useful product.

      • NWJeep says:

        I’ll completely disregard your grammar mistakes as a product of furiously typing like the keyboard warrior you are. What I cannot let slip by is how my “parents airsoft allowance” (whatever the hell that is) would prevent me from using a piece of equipment. Also, if you’re issued a helmet, why are you complaining about the price of anything? Unless you have to buy your own gear to fuel your closet plastic bb fetish. It’s something that can be of use to real doorkickers. Just because you can’t afford it doesn’t mean others can’t like it.

        • Vince says:

          Roger that jeep. I’ll just get back to kicking in some real doors with my perfectly fine helmet that doesn’t sit in an overpriced lunchbox. Cheers. Sorry for the distraction SSD.

  4. joe_momma says:

    So are we not up in arms anymore with team Wendy? I forget who we are for and against these days

    • Maskirovka says:

      I was just thinking “Looks like it has enough space for a helmet AND 30k emails.” Tip your waiter! 😛