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Direct Action Updates Us On Their IWA Plans

This year’s IWA in Nuremberg is a great oportunity for Direct Action®. Not only will we be showing our new products, but also the path we are taking with our future designs.


During 2016 we were able to tighten the cooperation of our R&D team with one of the most elite SF units in the world. In response to their needs, we were able to develop a whole range of gear designed for use in field / combat operations including:

• TYPHOON chest rig – a lightweight, fully modular platform that combines a classic chest rig design with the option of a front ballistic plates
• WARHAWK rescue/gun belt – a 45mm wide belt with a Cobra® buckle
• Utility and Ammo Pouches for magazine or belt-fed small arms in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibre

Every piece of these systems was designed to meet the requirements of woodland operations, where you need to not only have fast and quiet access to your essential items, but also to protect them from dust, mud and grit.

Two noteworthy projects that we are showing at IWA are prototypes of Low-Profile and Slick sets designed specifically for urban operations.


Our Low-Profile set includes a lightweight, smooth plate carrier and pouch set designed to be worn under your outer clothing. We wanted this set to be as unobtrusive as possible, thats why we decided to use black and grey colors, a minimalistic cut and a minimum of Velcro.

A similar, but more combat-oriented set, is our Slick system. The work-horse of the system is a streamlined Plate Carrier with mounting points for any of our chest rigs. The second item in the Slick system is a new type of belt sleeve with elastic pouches sewn directly onto it. All of these items were designed for vehical-borne operations and/or for operations in extremely close quarters like buses or trains, where your gear needs to be as compact and streamlined as possible.


Here at Direct Action, the philosophy of gear as a system has always the keystone to our projects. In that spirit we continue to develop components for our flagship SPITFIRE Plate Carrier. At IWA we will be unveiling such much anticipated additions to the SPITFIRE system as MOLLE and Comms wings, Side Plate Mounts and our Assault Panel. We will also be showing prototypes of a peripheral ballistic system for SPITFIRE, both in our own cut and one designed to fit the popular BALCS soft ballistic inserts. As a result, our SPITFIRE Plate Carrier is one of the most scalable Plate Carriers on the market.

Most of these new items will become available in our online store during IWA, the rest will roll out in the following weeks.


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