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IWA – UF Pro Frost Grey

UF Pro gave everyone a sneak peek of their new color, Frost Grey.

It’s quite a bit lighter than the current Grey shades on the market and will offer a good option for those looking for an alternative Grey. There is already LE interest here in Europe. Look for an official launch from UF Pro this Spring.


4 Responses to “IWA – UF Pro Frost Grey”

  1. The RAL colour they’ve been offering for a while is a very attractive option, this looks like it could be as well. Look forward to seeing more pictures in different lighting and environments to get a better gauge on the exact shade they’ve settled on.

  2. BS says:

    Wekk, I’ve seen it personally (artificial light inside the trade hall) but Frost Grey seems to bit a lot of lighter than Wolf or similar colors.

  3. William K Marshall says:

    Those abs though!