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IWA – Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll


I really like the Bushcraft line from Helikon-Tex and at this year’s IWA they introduced the Swagman Roll which was developed by the Polish survival training company Survival Tech, who created this video to go over its features.

Look for the Swagman Roll at www.helikon-tex.com.

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11 Responses to “IWA – Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll”

  1. Asinine Name says:

    A very feature-heavy item and a future purchase, I think…

  2. Ken Galbraith says:

    Umm….how about TOTAL RIP-OFF of the Hill People Gear Mountain Serape!! Incapable of their own original thought, so they steal the design of HPG. Lame.

    • Luke says:

      There were poncho liners before the HPG and there will be poncho liners after HPG.

      HPG may be the most well executed poncho liner garment on the market, but there where many wearable poncho liners around prior (integral designs, wiggy’s, I think one or two from quartermaster’s) and just because they did a good job doesn’t mean that the category is over and done with.

      This one has the same purpose (what poncho liner doesn’t?) but a different enough feature set I find it hard to cry foul. No neck zipper, full length sleeping bag zip, corner toggles, different insulation (weight and variety) pocket….I’d much rather have an HPG, but if its an item worth using there are going to be several (hopefully different) options eventually. The HPG’s poncho/great coat zipper system is arguably the most unique feature, and not infringed at all.

      • Ken Galbraith says:

        Personally, I think the one in this article shares too many of the same features as the Hill brothers’ design to not call it a rip-off.

  3. Hubb says:

    Brilliant! I’ll take two.

  4. ak says:

    the key is the price point. out here in asia helikon is more affordable than HPG. As i much as i would like to buy american, if i have to buy several (think family) on my own coin it will be the one that gives the biggest bang for buck. after having seen helikon products upfront and personal, they fit the bill to a t

  5. d says:

    Can’t understand a word the guy in the video was saying. His English is terrible.

  6. Brian Harris says:

    Not that what I say has an impact but I tried looking at the Polish companies page, looks great but could not even see any prices let alone figure out how to order it.
    Anyway I went to Hill People and they were able to get their parkai in stock, multi cam of course for my mall runs with the wife.

    Well that’s my impute like HPG and you can see what the price is and no translation needed to understand what they are selling.

    Off to a great night of OC house wives….high speed huh.

  7. P. Cassidy says:

    How many of you dudes have actually used the HPG Mountain Serape? It is by far more garment than shelter or sleeping bag. It is an extremely versatile and a quality product. However, the half zip is really not the best for use as a sleep system and here is why: 1 the heat loss in cold weather through that gap is astonishing. 2 rolling around trying to get comfortable in a HMWWV in -15f at Ft Drum with thing is tough to say the least, if you are not physically laying on the two halves you are going to be cold. 3 on the ground again your screwed unless you got this thing perfectly under you on a sleep pad or your going to have a bad time. 4 there is no hood in bag mode. I will say the hill people system works well for being able to access a chest rig when worn as a coat and that is great. It just kinda sucks when moving around a whole lot (infantry guy stuff) and having the zipper dig into your neck. I think that ecotat/wiggys does it better especially with the hood in bag mode and full center zip with the draw string foot box. I would roll with a wiggys freedom shelter bag if he would just make them in OCP/multicam/scorpion. I like the Marine Corps new poncho liner with the zipper, I will give it to the Jar Heads that is the best issue woobie going. I would be more than willing to try this puppy out in the field if I could just figure out how to get my dick skinners on one.

    • Barrett says:

      I typically carry the Serape as jacket and in lieu of a blanket. If I’m going on a day hike or glassing, with chance of being stuck out. Then I just take the HPG

      I concur the gap isn’t great. To be honest I really only use the Serape in below 30F with an additional item. Either my Kifaru woobie, with standard issue woobie or as an overbag to give my wiggys a boost.

      I sowed webbing to top corner of the Serape and keep it shut with elasticord. Helps a bit. I’ve considered adding velco to the two flaps seams.

      I emailed Helikon today and asked about their 2017 line and when it would be online. They said they didn’t not know.