“Make Silencers Great Again” Promotion from Griffin Armament

Griffin Armament is proud to announce the “Make Silencers Great Again Promotion” Effective immediately every silencer* shipping from Griffin’s manufacturing floor to its Dealers and Distributors will contain two $100 coupons which can be mailed to Griffins address in exchange for store credit on their website. Boxes containing coupons will be sealed with a gold label.

“Sales are down unnecessarily, said Evan Green business development manager at Griffin Armament. “When the markets have been rallying and jobs are being produced, consumer misunderstanding of the legislative process and the Hearing Protection Act, is hurting an otherwise stable industry. Many people who want to buy are sitting on discretionary spending in the hopes that HPA will soon pass. The entire industry has come to a very similar conclusion that it will be quite a while until HPA is able to pass if at all despite almost unanimous support. People not buying right now is only further delaying them from enjoying silencers. It just doesn’t make any sense and this shouldn’t have happened. Unfortunately a lot of miss information was flying around and nobody in the industry was trying to educate consumers on how long it actually takes to get a bill to pass, what percentage of bills pass, that the legislative process usually takes hundreds of days etc. This bill in some form has been presented to congress since 2015 and this congressional session is closing in a few months, so it looks like it will be rolling to another year. Griffin is just as hopeful as everyone else for the HPA. However having a realistic viewpoint on it is critical to the survival of the silencer industry and the Americans who work hard to move it forward. The ‘Make Silencers Great Again’ promotion is the most we can do as a company to try to encourage spending right now.” Evan continued. “It’s honestly an amazing time to be a buyer. I remember when I was younger and was spending my money on an OPS INC can and promotions didn’t exist in the market. You could barely even get a dealer to handle the sale for you. Muzzle devices had to be purchased separately from the silencer, etc. I remember having to help my local class 3 dealer to understand the paperwork because he did so few transactions. But times have changed and there are plenty of dealers on the market selling products at great prices and walking the customer through the purchase quickly while keeping them informed. This program is also a great way to let consumers know that we appreciate them, we’ve been wanting to so something like this for a while.”

For more information visit All Griffin silencers are applicable to the “Make Silencers Great Again” promotion except for Griffin rimfire silencers.


28 Responses to ““Make Silencers Great Again” Promotion from Griffin Armament”

  1. BillC says:

    While I believe SOME people are waiting to buy suppressors due to the HPA, it’s hogwash to blame it completely on that. Does nobody remember the massive rush to buy due 41P becoming 41F. The market changes and fluctuates. Isn’t there a slump in the firearms industry as a whole right now?

  2. Eddie says:

    RIP this comment section due to the incoming irrational POTUS hate for the neat styling here. #SaveTheEars

  3. PNWTO says:

    I see little logic in waiting for HPA. The potential wait times I have been told by two industry professionals make any NFA hassle worth it. Of course, everyone has a different “juice–squeeze” equation.

    • Easy E says:

      As you said, everyone has a different “juice=squeeze” equation. While I can sympathize with the manufacturers dealing with the law changing (although it seems they had a little “cash for clunkers” selling spree due to the rule change, thanks keynesian economics), it’s hard to justify buying more NFA items due to the wait alone. Now I say this as someone who can suppressor every single firearm that I currently own that accepts a suppressors. I can’t have a suppressor on every firearm I own, but if I could go into a store, not pay a $200 fee on top of the sales tax and the cost of the suppressor (in-store credit is nice, but it’s not as good as keeping $200 in my pocket), and, most importantly, take that suppressor home that day, all my firearms would have their own suppressors by now.

      Basically the money I spend on suppressors is for fun. I can have a lot of fun for 400 – 1200 dollars without having to wait 7 – 12 months (currently waiting on 3 suppressors purchased in May of 2016). Now that’s not the manufacturers fault — it’s something government has done, but it’s my “juice-squeeze” equation.

      And I say this as someone who is trying to buy a little extra, in terms of firearm stuff, because I know manufacturers are hurting and I don’t like the idea of people losing their jobs.

      • TimNichols says:

        I’m not understanding the buy-now-ignore-HPA-argument either. It makes sense in maintaining the industry but the HPA will expand the consumer and product base immensely. While I SHOULD go out and buy an Osprey or Salvo, I’m more interested to see what the market creates post-HPA. It’s well and good to wait in line now for products that currently exist due to the constraints of marketability but what most people want (or don’t even know they want yet) are a new subcategory of integrally suppressed weapons that are merely sitting as blueprints and prototypes currently.

        • SSD says:

          If those were going to happen soon, they’d be out there. If HOA does pass, it will be loads upon loads of junk hitting the market, from new manufacturers, just to cash in. The proven designs are available now but demand will be high.

  4. Jeb says:

    HPA has about as much chance for movement this session as say, does pond scum have of turning into Swamp Thing. 41F-U did far more to the suppressor industry and stamp collecting than the prospect of HPA. The only people NOT buying because of HPA potential is the folks WITHOUT a can in the first place. Whatever. I was buying cans before 41F-U (41 Fu@k You) and recently bought post-41F…and I doubt I will stop. NFAids and all, contagious as Bird Flu. With that said, Griffen arse-plowed MANY dealers ALREADY sitting on inventory of their cans. I am interested in seeing if this is a roadside handjob to SilencerShop, who is blowing who and why dealers with current inventory (not fake ass Trump buck backed boxes) are taking the cream in the backdoor. As much as I have been bordering on buying a Griffen 5.56 can – I find the way they are promoting this (and kicking dealers with non-Trump ticket inventory in the kiester) to be contrary to good business relations and building a customer base. Unless your business is solely with SilencerShop. I hope some of these dealers quit stocking Griffen after they unload their “old” Griffen inventory at blowout pricing because “everyone” is calling about the golden tickets. Lessons learned. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Opsbulldog says:

    well, it takes 7-12 months to get your stamp.

    The majority of industry insiders believe this legislation will pass within the year.

    So, folks are logically saving themselves the hassle of the paperwork (and $200), reasoning the timeline is the same.

    • ethan goebells says:

      Are you deaf ? Have you not heard people discussing at length the legislative process? It takes about 250 days for the average bill to pass once introduced to the floor for vote. This hasnt even been taken up for vote in 2 years.

      Each year the United States Congress considers about 5,000 bills and resolutions, but of those only about 4% will become law. – Data from GovTrack

      So this has a 4% chance if it is seen as an “Average” bill. If it is below average it is certainly dead. “Industry insiders” as you say are all saying the same thing… that its going to be a few years at BEST to pass and maybe never.

      Rather than waiting…. people should be contacting their federal legislators and lamenting, but their not. Oh and FWIW, the website is no more powerful than bitching about things on facebook. Its not a legislative tool.

    • Matt says:

      “industry insiders”, care to cite a source? are those “insiders” also legislators?

    • Gear Guy says:

      If and when the legislation passes and is signed into law, most could be enjoying their purchases and awaiting a refund check for their recent purchases/tax stamps. If it is signed into law sooner, you can always send a note to the ATF cancelling your application and waiting on your refund check to appear in your mailbox and then proceed to wait for any sort of inventory to become available after the mad rush by everyone to suppress everything they own, let alone deal with all of the fly by night suppressor companies that will populate the trade space. As most have said, spend your money now and practice patience while waiting for the application to get approved.

      I purchased five new cans last year and am getting ready to purchase one or two more, plus I am waiting on a Form 4 SBR and a Form 1 SBR to be approved “any day now.” Patience is a virtue, but making excuses not to buy just gets people laid off. 41F actually helped most people who file as an individual by eliminating the CLEO sign off. Has it affected my trust purchases, yes, but the only other person on my Trust that is not a minor is my wife, so I don’t necessarily have too many issues with doing fingerprints, etc.

      • SSD says:

        My trust had to be redone as one of my trustees is a daughter, stationed overseas. What’s more, you still have to get the CLEO to acknowledge they were notified. I’m hearing it is a pain for some.

        • BillC says:

          I have not bought since 41F, but it wasn’t because of 41F. But, it was my understanding that there is no action needed to be taken by the CLEO after you notify them, according to the ATF Open Letter to CLEOs dated May 25th, 2016

          • SSD says:

            I’m in the process now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

            • ethan goebells says:


              You the consumer only are “required” to notify them. Thats it, they cant say anything pro or con to you purchasing and they dont have any legal ability to stop your purchase. Its just a notification, thats it.

              Theres no requirement for proof of notification either.

  6. ScottM says:

    Nice of Griffin to screw over their dealers who have current stock.

    • Rick Marx says:

      Im a dealer of Griffin and emailed them about the promo and they said that they bought new machines and haven’t shipped cans in about 6 months to their network. Distributors and dealers are extremely light on inventory and most have none at all. Any of their dealers who were sitting on old inventory are just bad salespeople. Im excited they are doing something to try to help me sell more product right now.

      • ScottM says:

        Not shipping cans in 6 months tells me that Griffin is the bad salesman..
        Some dealers are really struggling, while others are still doing well. But good shops will have at least some supply on hand and the day they announced this deal there is no reason for the shop to buy more when no one will buy them without the rebate inside. A really dumb way to run the deal. Just make it a rebate on any can. But Griffin wants to get more cans out there without helping sell what is already in sales channels.
        The other big issue with these rebates is they are helping dealers sell cans but killing their accessory sales when they pick them up. And the margins are higher on the mounts, etc. This goes for the SICO deal as well.

  7. ethan goebells says:

    4% of some ~5,000 bills that are introduced to congress actually become laws. Im not holding my breath. This bill has been at congress since 2015 and has gone nowhere. All the hype was complete hot air.

  8. Isaac says:

    It wasn’t HPA that killed my suppressor purchasing, it was 41F. I have several people on my trust, finger prints is nearly impossible for them all as they live in different states. It’s not worth the hassle.

    • SSD says:

      I’m still trying to work out why the ATF would ever need more than one set of fingerprints on anyone.

      • John says:

        I would guess that its because they aren’t legally allowed to digitize the records the have in a searchable way. They can put them on microfiche or scan them as non searchable PDFs. I could be wrong but I remember reading that somewhere.
        I’m still waiting on an Form 1 SBR and a HALO from last summer as well.