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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag On The Kryptek Plate Carrier

At the recent Enforce Tac show in Nürnberg, Germany, I had the opportunity to check out Kryptek’s new tactical line of clothing and equipment which was on display in Precision Tecnhnic Defense’s stand. One of the items is a new lightweight plate carrier which joins the line of PALS compatible pouches they released earlier this year. As it was a prototype, they were not yet ready for me to share it with the world. However, German blog Strategie Technik shared a photo of the carrier.

It is extremely lightweight with integrated Admin Pouch at the upper chest along with three magazine pouches.  However, they mentioned that the integrated Admin Pouch would be removed to make way for PALS compatibility in that space. You may also spy Tubes connectors on this carrier which have been licensed from FirstSpear.  You’ll also notice a radio pouch attached to the cummerbund. My favorite feature is the rigid opening on the ammo pouches which make it much easier to replace magazines one-handed.


4 Responses to “The Cat’s Out Of The Bag On The Kryptek Plate Carrier”

  1. Blake says:

    Is that a redesigned Winkler Jungle knife?

  2. Finally, another PC option with Tubes from the factory (allelujah).

    Be interested to see whether that front placard is using formed plastic inserts or elastic retention.

  3. David says:

    Be intrigued to see whether that front notice is utilizing framed plastic additions or flexible maintenance