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Q’s Honey Badger Now Available For Pre-Order

Q is offering four variants of the much coveted Honey Badger for pre-order.

3 SKU’s that are $1,899 for Individuals
– 5.56 / 16″
– 300BLK / 16″
– 300BLK / 7″ SBR

1 SKU that is $2,499 for Individuals
– 300BLK / 7″ SBR with Honey Badger Silencer (only being sold with the rifle)

The Honey Badger weighs 5 lbs. 4 oz. with Silencer in the 7″ configuration. While Honey Badger comes direct from the factory with a collapsible stock, lengths are as below in the photos.

Additionally, each Honey Badger will come in this glorious case, by Blue Force Gear. Sorry, kickass rug is not included.

Dealer Pricing is available email Jessica@LiveQorDie.com with your FFL/SOT for details

Terms are 50% deposit and the remaining 50% due at shipping. Rifles will start shipping by September.

The Honey Badger Silencer is not integral, making this a two stamp gun. It is 1.5″ Diameter to fit under the long hand guard (all other Silencers by Q are 1.75″). In case you’re interested, both uppers and handguards will be sold separately some time in the Fall.

Submit your pre-orders now via www.liveQorDie.com.


12 Responses to “Q’s Honey Badger Now Available For Pre-Order”

  1. Davey says:

    “Best SMG ever!” ?

    So who is buying the SMG variant?

  2. Dells says:

    2 stamps? I’ll pass

    • Burdy says:

      Just to be clear, that extra stamp means the difference between you purchasing or not purchasing?

      • Dellis says:

        I bought a suppressor 9 friggin months ago and it’s still in limbo somewhere!

        Now if they made suppressors easier to purchase, hell even a month wait period I would be more inclined to buy them but then one still has to wait a year for the SBR itself. It’s ridiculous.

        I understand an SBR sold with suppressor as one unit will only require one stamp but that also has drawbacks.

  3. H.C. says:

    I dig those afghan war rugs… bought a bunch when I was over in AFG

  4. Will says:

    Does it come with 2x rails?

  5. NineWays says:

    With how close the can is the handguard, I can’t imaging holding it out there after a few shots.

    Maybe someone will make a silicone wrap that covers the whole thing.

    • the Dude says:

      It would take a number of subsonics for this to get toasty….

      • Chris Bowers says:

        A number less than thirty.. Unless its a 9mm sinking cans in handguards is generally a bad idea.

  6. Nelson says:

    Very very cool to see the real deal sold to the public but, $1900 is too rich for me. I’ve got less then half that in my 7.5 in 300blk PDW build and it’s 21in OAL collapsed. Someone with some spare cash is gonna get a sweet ass rifle though. Honey Badger is the one that started it all!

  7. Chris says:

    I like that photo in the center- 7″ barrel with short handguard and suppressor, but they don’t have that option for preorder. Looks like the same option they were demo-ing at the Jan. SHOT Show. Although like you said, handguards and uppers will be sold individually in the fall? Hmm… Right at 20″ OAL collapsed though, nice.

    • Mike Domgard says:

      Actually they have 2 7″ SKU’s, one with the suppressor and long handguard and one with the short handguard and no suppressor.