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Propper Awarded New Army Boot Contracts

St. Charles, MO — Propper International has won two new contracts to supply hot weather boots to the United States Army and the Afghanistan military. The new three-year contract was awarded by the Defense Logistics Agency after an extensive bidding process.

The boots will come in two colors: tan for the US Army and black for the Afghanistan military. The contracts, totaling just over $48 million, will run through fiscal 2020. The boots will be manufactured in Propper’s Puerto Rico facilities.

“The new boot contract extends Propper’s five-decade commitment to those who serve,” said Anderson Ward, SVP of Global Supply Chain Operations for Propper. “We are proud to continue the long-standing tradition of supplying our fighting forces with dependable and rugged gear.”

Propper has proudly supplied the US military with uniforms and gear since 1967. Today Propper is the country’s largest supplier of ACUs and BDUs.



12 Responses to “Propper Awarded New Army Boot Contracts”

  1. Spikepillow says:

    I would have thought they’d be contracted for coyote brown boots, not tan.

      • Ahisa says:

        Seriously tan? It’s pretty bad that we went from two boot colors in 2000 to get 5 different colors, it’s just plain dumb to continue manufacturing a color that will completely go away in a couple of years.

    • Joe says:

      The Tan are for the Afghan National Army and the black are for the Afghan police. They’re built against an Army spec but not for the US Army. Don’t you guys read the news?

      • Spikepillow says:

        What news? This articles says the tan boots are specifically for the US Army.

  2. will says:

    For real, did the DLA just go full retard?

  3. SN says:


    I thought the new boots were going to be brown?

  4. LGonSoldierSystems says:

    Civilian naivete – There are a myriad of options for approved boots that soldiers can purchase on their own, no?

    Diabetes all my life, I’ve spent expensive amount of effort finding perfect shoes for various purposes, and often stock up on them once I find something. This often means something stupidly expensive and not flashy, but not always.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      Yes, but the Army also issues boots through their issue facilities when Soldiers do initial training, and then often there are further pairs issued based on duty station.

      Otherwise most duty stations won’t allow direct exchange for worn out boots, and as long as replacement pairs meet uniform regulation (AR 670-1) guidelines Soldiers can purchase them on their own. Soldiers are given an annual stipend (Uniform Allowance), based on expected uniform wear out.

      So, yes, but they still issue them, hence the contrat.

  5. Joshua says:

    So they’re not even AR670-1?

    Also does propper even make boots in the US? Aren’t all of their current offerings imported?