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UF PRO Readies for Rollout of Frost Grey: New Colour Promises Superior Urban Damp-Down

UF PRO, maker of innovative tactical clothing, today said it expects to roll out its much-anticipated urban shade Frost Grey by the end of May.

The new colour is engineered to make a wearer standing, crouching, or laying prone in proximity to buildings and infrastructure harder to spot than if he or she were clad in traditional black.

Frost Grey initially will be available only for the company’s Striker XT Gen.2 battle dress uniforms, according to Armin Wagner, head of product development at UF PRO. Later in 2017, Frost Grey will become a colour option for other top-rated UF PRO combat uniform products, including:

• P-40 All-Terrain Pants
• Hunter FZ Jacket
• Delta OL 3.0 Cold Weather Jacket
• Delta AcE Sweater

Frost Grey BDUs exhibited at UF PRO’s IWA OutdoorClassics trade fair booth earlier this year in Nuremberg, Germany, generated considerable excitement among the approximately 49,000 attendees, particularly those who work in law enforcement, Wagner reported.

“Wearing Frost Grey won’t turn you invisible, but it will definitely make you much harder to spot in an urban jungle,” he said. “We designed Frost Grey to allow the wearer to hide better, vanish faster, and more effortlessly blend in with immediate surroundings.”


Wagner explained that the ability to blend in is especially important for tactical clothing wearers engaged in surveillance activities.

“The better you blend in, the safer you are as you go about observing and documenting,” he said. “Colour is a very important part of this. We believe that Frost Grey is the colour that works best if the goal is to make you indistinguishable from the surrounding environment and what you’re surrounded by is an urban environment.”

Frost Grey – lighter than other shades of grey currently on the market – was engineered to minimize the visual signatures a person produces amidst a backdrop of granite-faced or

concrete buildings, Wagner said. He added that smaller signatures reduce the possibility of detection by suspects or hostiles whether nearby or at a distance.

Grey generally has in recent years emerged as a dominant color among producers of tactical equipment and clothing, Wagner indicated.

“Makers and users alike have more and more been aligning with the idea dating back to World War II that grey can damp down better than black in low-light conditions,” he said. “It’s why we say grey is the new black. Our Frost Grey is solid proof that it is.”

For more information about Frost Grey, Striker XT Gen.2 BDUs, and other outstanding UF PRO products, visit the company’s website.


6 Responses to “UF PRO Readies for Rollout of Frost Grey: New Colour Promises Superior Urban Damp-Down”

  1. SOE says:

    As he said around the IWA: UF Pro releases Frost Grey, because the users want it.

    They want it, understand? “I want grey, I am a tacticool fan and OD Drab, Black and all other is only c***! I say so, so release Grey or I will buy from 5.11 Tactical!!”

    Eigentlich schade. OD Green and it’s derivatives are better. Even in urban environments. UF Pro knew and know that. But the customers is always right. Even when he is wrong.

    • Kemp says:

      Agreed. Their brown grey is a much better color for most types of urban terrain

  2. Down for an XT combat shirt, hope it’s NYCO. The RAL uniforms look great but I don’t much fancy spending that much for a specific colours in polyester that’s going to fade fast.

  3. UF Pro always has nice promo pics, but it hurts to see the uniforms getting a good match on bright concrete then they rock black gear on top clashing with the whole concept….

  4. paul says:

    I think SODgear has a similar color to brown/grey and theirs is HCS – hybrid coyote something…its like ranger green mixed with coyote brown..