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Saturday Night at the Movies: “Friends and Neighbors-People You Know”

Here’s a fantastic 1970 USAF educational documentary covering the mobilization, trainup, and deployment of USAF Air National Guard F-100 units. Narrated by the late Bob Crane of the television show Hogan’s Heroes, the film chronicles the mobilization of four F-100 equipped ANG squadrons in response to the Pueblo Crisis during 1968. One particular two-ship mission is covered from pre-flight briefing to post-flight celebration.

The Super Sabre, better known as “The Hun” was the USAF’s first supersonic fighter and formed the backbone of the USAF and many NATO and allied Air Forces prior to the arrival of the F-4 Phantom.  The last Huns were retired from the Taiwanese and Danish air forces in the early 1980s, following USAF ANG retirement in 1979.

The squadrons mobilized and highlighted in the film are:

  • 120thTactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) Bobcats of the Colorado ANG (tail VS)
  • 174th TFS Bats of the Iowa ANG (tail HA)
  • 188thTFS Tacos of the New Mexico ANG (tail  SK)
  • 136th TFS Rocky’s Raiders of the New York ANG (tail SG).

These four squadrons collectively logged more than 30,000 sorties during their deployments to Southeast Asia during 1968 and 1969, with some aircraft pulling up to five CAS sorties per day.

While the film may predate many of the SSD readership, many of our fathers and uncles likely owe their lives to “Weekend Warrior” CAS.


2 Responses to “Saturday Night at the Movies: “Friends and Neighbors-People You Know””

  1. Hubb says:

    That is cool seeing the KC-135 Stratotanker getting some love.

  2. rotorhd says:

    I’ve said it for over 20 years. Any Reserve / Guard aviation unit has NEVER been a “1 weekend a month, 2 weeks in the summer” job. The job is too demanding and complicated. Most “weekend warriors” I know, spend at least 1 week per month minimum, at the units flying days, nights and completing all types of other training.

    “Weekend warriors” may be true for many of support folks but it has never been true for aircrews (pilots, flight engineers, crew chiefs etc).