Warrior East 2017 – Eagle Industries ULV Tactical 

This is the Ultra Lightweight Vest – Tactical which is an evolutionary development of the US Army’s ULV.


Eagle added an adjustable cummerbund which is reinforced with laminate, laser cut with the same design as the shoulder straps. There’s also an optional elastic strap for times when you don’t need a full cummerbund. Additionally, the interior of the vest is made from 4-way stretch Tweave material and the shoulder straps are padded with Tweave. There are four sizes for the ULV Tactical but thanks to the Tweave, the panels will accommodate a variety of plates thicknesses. At the rear are #5 zips which will accept Eagle back panels. You’ll also notice a drag handle.


Another change from the baseline model is that the ULV Tactical will accept the removable front flaps from the Aero.


As a complimentary piece, Eagle introduced a Ultra Lightweight Chest Rig which is made from laminate and weighs 11 oz. Without the shoulder straps it’s just 7 oz. It also accepts the Aero’s front flaps.


The Chest Rig has dual AN/PRC-152 radio pouches on the interior and the rig can be attached via side release buckles directly to the ULV Tactical.

Offered in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, Grey and MultiCam.


6 Responses to “Warrior East 2017 – Eagle Industries ULV Tactical ”

  1. Benb says:

    It says these are made from laminate. Is that similar to hypalon?

    • SSD says:

      No, it’s a multi layer laminate. Many brands are using various versions. This one relies on Cordura as face fabric.

  2. Buke Lond says:

    Nice. Looks like an upgrade of Crye’s LV-MBAV, but with added functionnality without too much more base weight!? I like it.

    Now if only the industry as a whole could get rid of the goddamn velcro closure for the cummerbunds and instead go for FS Tubes (or similar concepts)… I’d be so happy.

    • Whokka says:

      So I love the tubes, but anyone got thoughts on the loss of real estate it delivers on the front quarter areas. I see that as the benefit of a front flap design and
      Is a logical area to be optimal for gear fitting if in and out of vehicles

  3. Gregor says:

    Any word when the ULV Tactical will be ready for sale? If it ever will be available for individuals…