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HARDCORE TACTICS – Dress&Gun – Mag Pants For NATO 5.56 Magazines

For when the original Magpul isn’t kawaii enough, and Ranger Plates are a bit too operator, HARDCORE TACTICS has come up with the perfect solution for your 5.56 magazines: the Dress&Gun Mag Pants. These stylish pantsu will be available in multiple colors, and attach to any NATO spec 5.56 magazine, facilitating more expedient magazine changes during tactical meido scenarios weapon and magazine manipulation.

Here’s a machine translation of the product description from the official product page:


HARDCORE TACTICS Magpants relaxes the draw from the magazine’s pouch, magazine change and impact when falling

This is a magazine support made of 5.56 magazine compatible synthetic rubber.

Let’s make your pants panty without thinking about difficult things!

Color: White · Pink · Blue

2 packages in 1 package

Available for pre-order soon.




6 Responses to “HARDCORE TACTICS – Dress&Gun – Mag Pants For NATO 5.56 Magazines”

  1. chuck says:

    How about some with “hello Kitty”.

  2. Big_Juju says:

    I’ll buy ’em right now – but only if they call them “Mag Panties.”

    • Luke says:

      shockingly obvious in retrospect, how could they call them anything else?

      • Eli says:

        Because “pantsu” is the Japanese term for panties. Which typically gets (erroneously) translated out as “pants”. Which is especially true when dealing with British-trained translators, because in BritEng, that means underwear.
        A direct transliteration of “?????” is “Ma-Gu-Pa-‘n-Tsu”

  3. Cuvie says:

    Do they make one that comes in lace?

  4. Steve Day says:

    Being as they’re from Japan – I’m sure the pre-used ones, for the purpose of sniffing unknown magazines, will be available from vending machines.