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US Air Force Adopts Magpul GEN M3 PMAG

According to a document entitled, “USAF Authorized Small Arms and Light Weapons (SA/LW) Accessories (as of 28 July 17)”, the US Air Force has followed USSOCOM and the Marine Corps’ lead and adopted the 30rd Magpul GEN M3 PMAG in both Black and Tan. Specifically, they are authorized for use with the M4/M4A1 Carbine, GUU-5P (sic) Carbine, and M249 Automatic Rifle (sic).

When queried about this update, Magpul issued us this statement:

“We are certainly pleased that another major service component has taken their own look at the test data and come to the same conclusion as the Marine Corps and USSOCOM. Given the body of existing data, the extensive fielding history since 2013, and the current experiences of the USMC after their adoption, we hope that Army leadership can put aside their concerns over the viability of their own magazine program and give soldiers the reliability advantage that is enjoyed by the USMC, USSOCOM, and now, the USAF, with the GEN M3 PMAG.”

According to the guidance, previously issued magazines are to be replaced by the GEN M3 PMAG through attrition. This highlighted extract contains the germane information (including NSNs). However, we offer the entire document here.

For those interested, GEN M3 PMAGs are available from and authorized dealers.


7 Responses to “US Air Force Adopts Magpul GEN M3 PMAG”

  1. edgar says:

    And the big Army still doesn’t Cacht up

    • Joglee says:

      Big Army wants a new gun that will be firing 7.62, likely from Pmags.

      • PNWTO says:

        And with all the 6mm cartridges out there being looked into and/or in use (.260) the Army is pushing another mistake. Wait to .264 USA to drift in from secrecy.

      • Lcon says:

        Only partially. All indications are that the 7.62 Rifles will be pushed to the Front. The M4A1 will likely be in service for sometime

    • Brian says:

      They are available to “Big Army” as Class IX…..

  2. Joe says:

    If I upgrade the internals of my USGI mags with Magpul parts, will they be forward-compatible?

    I’m not trading in 150 mags for polymer just to use M855A1, which I can’t afford or source anyway.

    Still, good on the Air Force, and here’s hoping the Army will get with the program… after they adopt a totally new platform and caliber for dubious reasons.

    • d says:

      So they’re not for you then.

      Also, if you look at the chart, the Air Farce isn’t turning in old mags for PMAGS. They’re replacing worn-out mags with PMAGS. Anyone can do the same regardless of how many mags they have today.