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AUSA – Prototype Pinks and Greens

At AUSA PEO Soldier is demonstrating a prototype World War Two Pinks and Greens-style service dress uniform.

SGT Schacher and SFC Johnson wear prototypes of male and female versions of the uniform. This is only a prototype, intended to solicit feedback and there is currently no requirement for a new Service uniform. However, if this concept is adopted by the Army, the final uniforms will be different.

Here, SFC Johnson shows us the Class B Shirt. I’m very impressed by the work the uniform’s designers have done to research historical uniform items and adapt the styles to reflect modern tastes and materials.

What do you think?

292 Responses to “AUSA – Prototype Pinks and Greens”

  1. Doc Glynn says:

    It’s a bit too late for me to care, but back in the day, I would have worn this uniform in a heartbeat. I’m from the age of the Dress Green Service uniform; and if you were taught well by your drill sergeant, you would look like a million bucks for the rest of your days in the army. This uniform looks like someone with brains and common sense made some smart decisions. Sure beats what those morons did with the Dress Blues. I went to a BCT graduations last year at Benning; those kids looked like “Poo-Poo” in that blue uniform, embarrassing actually. A uniform will never make a soldier; but a soldier can certainly look like embarrassing “Poo-Poo” if you dress him that way! Good Luck!!! I hope this gets the thumbs up; our beloved Marines have been looking better than us for way too long!

    • Will Rodriguez says:


      The uniform is very much a tool. The Soldier wearing it has to employ it well. The Army DOES NOT spend enough effort on training how to properly and proudly wear a uniform well. When it does you get a bunch of whining on how does that make me a better Soldier?

    • Terry D says:

      Doc Glynn, roger all.

  2. Ethan says:

    I think the uniform has the potential to make Soldiers look sharp. This uniform could be on par with the Marine Charlie uniform, but I don’t think the Army is disciplined enough for this type of thing. We can’t even get people to wear the combat uniform right. I think we need to focus on bigger issues first before implementing an intermediate dress uniform.

  3. Holly says:

    Please give the ladies pockets!! And make colors of uniform and tie same as historic set. Also I agree with upgraded name plate.

  4. Deydre says:

    Please consider pockets on the shirt and jacket for the women!!! It has been done before and it looks so much better! One standard look!

  5. Travis cooke says:

    That is a sharp uniform, finally the Army can look like the Army, sign me up, I’ll buy them tomorrow!

  6. Jack says:

    Has anyone considered how much all of these uniform changes are costing the lower enlisted ranks? When you only have $100 or so a year for a clothing allowance and you make a uniform change like the OCPs which run a troop about 350 a set, it gets to be a huge burden.

    • So, increase the clothing allowance. Soldier morale and pride are worth it.

    • Avery says:

      Clothing allowance is $468 for enlisted Males and $493 for enlisted Females. ACU/OCPs are roughly $100 plus sewing for name tapes and badges, brings that to around $140 a set.

  7. Tom says:

    If officers finally get their branch insignia back on the collar, I’m game. Even today we sit around asking, “what’s your branch?”

    • Will Rodriguez says:

      You can’t tell by the color of your shoulder boards?

      • Terry D says:

        Troops of all ranks seldom wear the tunic/coat with the branch-colored shoulder straps any longer than necessary…and if you’re wearing that, you have your branch insignia on the lapels, anyway.

        However, on the ACU/OCP and on Class B’s, there’s no solid indication of anyone’s branch. If someone has a CIB/EIB or CFMB/EFMB it’s likely they’re infantry or armor respectively, but (a) it could be from a former life and (b) that leaves out everyone else.

  8. SFC L says:

    Looks great! My father was a firefighter and while I like sharing a uniform that looks just like his my grandfather jumped into Europe. His is better. It just looks more Army. Unfortunately I will retire before these or any new concept comes out but they look great.

  9. Maskirovka says:

    I’m retired, so I got no dog in this fight. But, I like the idea of a uniform that makes a connection make to the Army of our fathers and grandfathers (which I mean in a gender non-specific way of course). I wouldn’t expect the cut and material to be a clone of the classic uniform, but an update to it. Past and future. It’s cool. And I think it’s good for morale to make that link to those noble days of a righteous fight for the very body and soul of the free world. I’d keep the dress blues for the same reason, and maybe even make them harken back to the old days even more than they do now.

    On the other hand, I gotta swear-in my daughter when she commissions in a few years. Now what am I gonna wear? Stupid Army! [shakes fist]

    • Joseph says:

      I think that’s a no brainer…

      I just retired and I’m going to buy a set for my when my niece and nephew go to Basic or Boot in the next few years 😀

    • Terry D says:

      Agree, but I hope they bring back the belt on the OD tunic/coat. Looks too much like the puke green Class A’s without it.

  10. Dee Thomas says:

    Absolutely the best! First this gets rid of those useless, and stupid black berets that makes everyone look like they belong to the Iraqi Army. Secondly it stops the Marine Corps worship with everyone wearing dress blues with blouses boots. Third, these uniforms have style and class, something Army uniforms haven’t had since WW2. Make the Army look good again!

  11. Meusoc says:

    “I wasn’t in the Army, I was in the pictures, See!”

  12. SSG (ret) Gelormini says:


  13. Heather says:

    Is it fiscally responsible to look at changing yet another uniform? Especially when this uniform is only used for special occasions? Let’s look at the cost analysis of getting this for all the Soldiers and the cost of purchasing for those that won’t get it issued.
    What we have is functioning so why change it.

    • Money is irrelevant when the pride and self-respect of the soldiers is at stake.

    • Terry D says:

      As I understand it, this is not to replace any current uniform; the blues would still be worn on formal occasions. Instead, the pinks and greens would be the choice for garrison/office duties where the baggy ACU/OCP uniform, made for field duty, is the equivalent of blue jeans when civilians are wearing suits and ties or dresses.

      Most folks don’t remember having an in-between choice, since the khakis/tropical worsteds went away in 1982.

  14. Worth a look see, I would like to see Kakai’s (Hope I spelled right) come back also…Why can’t we just pick a uniform and stick with it…Or Brothers in the Marine Corp seem to never change for year to year and look sharp all the time..My two cents

  15. Chris R says:

    I like the overall concept. A good look. Suggestions: 1)Make the tie khaki 2) add a belt to the jacket as uniform had in WW2 3) make the trousers khaki to match the shirt instead of the taupe “pink” so that by removing the jacket you have a long sleeve khaki class B uniform.

  16. Rebecca says:

    No more uniforms. I spent over a grand on my blues plus unit decorations, awards, seasonal shirts, etc and have worn them 3 times in 3 years on active duty. We just switched over our ACU and APFU so at least give us a 5 year break

  17. AbnMedOps says:

    Ariat “Roper” boots (or something very similar) should be authorized optional purchase footwear, for either the Class A or B version (worn UNDER the trousers leg). Comfortable, sharp, studly, far better than low-quarter shoes. Look closely – a lot of old-school airline pilots wear them. Found in Western stores or online. Justins are slightly cheaper – and look it, when compared.

  18. Nicole says:

    Please if they change again, give females pockets just like the males! No more worrying about body type!!!!

  19. Robert Fisher says:

    So far so good. I say keep the black leather scheme for shoes, visors etc. so it will save Soldiers some money. Also add a jacket belt or a garrison belt and get rid of the name tape for Class As(I always thought it just looked like a silly ‘Hello my name is’ sticker). For the Class B, I say go back to the Vietnam-era khaki uniform and allow that to be upgraded with long sleeves and the green jacket for this Class A. Finally, I say allow officers to wear Sam Browne belts and riding boots since that look always screamed Army Officer to me.

  20. Jim Woods says:

    Pinks & Greens were one of the best uniforms around. I also miss the Tropical Worsted. I’m starting to show my age… LOL

  21. Tom says:

    I can not wait to wear this uniform. It will be an honor

  22. Trent Klug says:

    I love this uniform. I have to ask why will they make changes to these? They already are fantastic!

  23. Bob Wangen says:

    I never knew what was wrong with the Army Green Class A uniform. If maintained and altered as you body changed it looked fine. By looking at it you could tell what branch the soldier was in, what badges and awards they earned, what unit they were in and what unit they served with in combat. The ASU is just too gawdy and makes everyone look like an elevator operator or doorman.

    Green Class A – YES
    Pinks and Greens – NO
    ASU – NO

  24. Rico says:

    Meanwhile our enemies train

  25. Jason says:

    How about we just base this off of the dimensions of a business suit? We don’t need an extra long jacket. His jacket is at least 2-3″ too long, and it looks like he’s wearing someone else’s pants. They don’t need to be slim fitting, but that cut looks like he’s wearing parachute pants.

    Please consider not including Western style pockets on the shirt. Doesn’t look professional at all. Colors are great, and love the shoes.

    When in doubt, look at the USMC uniforms.

  26. Awesome! I love it! Now then: 1. Breast pockets on the female jacket. 2. Sam Browne belts and side arms for officers and NCOs in leadership positions. 3. Ike jackets optional.

  27. Gordon Eatley says:

    How about bringing back the Ike jacket, Leather boots and bloused pants.

  28. Gordon Eatley says:

    Oh and put a belt on the Pink and green. Also bring back a summer uniform like the Kakis

  29. Awesome! I love it! Now then: 1. Add breast pockets to the female jacket. 2. Authorize Sam Browne Belts and side arms for officers and NCOs in leadership positions. 4. Make Ike Jackets optional.

  30. Cody giblet says:

    Yes they look a lot better

  31. Bill says:

    Thankfully I am retired now. One more uniform I would have to buy out of pocket again. I’m starting to think Congress needs to get involved to stop the uniform change madness. I can’t remember when the Marines changed their dress uniform. Find the design and stay with it. It’s too expensive on the Soldiers to change the uniform seemingly every other year.

    I went through the PT greys, BDUs, Desert BDUs, Dress Greens, Dress Blues, Army Combat Uniform, and the Black and Grey Physical Fitness Uniform. Seven different uniforms I had to buy (x4 sets) over my 22 year career. I retired before I had to buy the newest Army Combat Uniform or the new PT Uniform – lucky!

  32. Phil says:

    Make the shirt and pants washable and not dry-cleaning (modern materials are at that point) just like police uniforms. Get rid of most pins and flair and make it simple. After all, that’s the biggest gripe about the ASUs is that they’re too cluttered, right?

    Rank, name, unit patch, branch, and perhaps 3 ribbons with your skill badges.

  33. TapRackBang85 says:

    This coming from a well dressed jarhead, THAT is a smart looking uniform. Always liked it in the old WWII movies. Make that move Army!

  34. NickT says:

    Please stop unless the plan is to issue them to everyone or put extra money out there for it. I can’t stand the uniform changes. I’ve been in 3 different PTs, Class As/Dress Blues/ASUs and BDU/DCU/ACU/Multicam/OCPs. Just stop with the madness and leave it alone.

  35. Ray Forest says:

    When will this ever stop? Pick a classy timeless one and Stick with it for 15-20 years. It can’t be that hard. The Marines have done it. I feel like a character out of Hogans Heros with these. I especially like how he rolled the edges of his garrison cap. It feels like a WWII reenactors. How much war fighting money gets wasted on these efforts. They could have at least gone with the all khaki class A

  36. Pri says:

    Take that fucking Army logo off the uniform or add a reg that allows us to sell ad space to other companies. There is no place for an advertising logo on any uniform.

  37. George says:

    Great first draft. Suggestions: 1. Pants need to be a lighter shade of khaki with that ever-so-slight red tinge. 2. Tunic needs to be a little more olive green, and it needs the cloth waist-cinch (or maybe even the Sam Browne as an optional item) for the officers’ version. Also, Ike jacket needs to be available as a “dress-down” jacket and tie option. 3. Go for the khaki tie option, and make it an option to be able to tuck the tie into your blouse if you don’t have a jacket on. 4. No synthetic materials–they look cheap. If we’re trying to look good, then let’s do it right. Wool and cotton (blend in a little synthetic if you have to for shrink resistance or whatever)–you can starch them and they look much nicer, and you can wash cotton in your own machine. The ASUs are terrible to wear and terrible to take care of. 5. Get rid of patent leather shoes–real leather (or a synthetic that behaves like leather) buffs nicer and isn’t ruined the first time you scuff them). 6. Keep scrambled eggs off the overseas cap (and actually, carry on with the garrison cap too). Keep unnecessary embellishments and shiny doodads away from it. I would personally like to see just unit & combat patches, skill tabs, and personal awards (limited to two rows), throw out the name plates, no regimental crests, Pentagon and Joint Chiefs badges, etc–basically nothing below the breast pockets. Simple is beautiful. But this has a lot of promise–don’t screw it up by doing it the absolute cheapest and dumbest way possible.

  38. John says:

    The Pinks and Greens needs the belt for the coat. All the great photos from WWII show the service coats with the belt

  39. Carlos says:

    The Army never stops finding new ways to waste money. Who cares if we have broken gear/weapons.

    By the way, the uniform looks like ass. I can’t wait to buy one and only wear it once a year.

  40. Steve says:

    A good first effort. Couple of things bug me though… First, the shirt and pants should match, not clash. Hopefully, they are just showing the two potential colors. I like the darker (pants) color, personally. Second, the shoes… wow… way too light. A darker brown or cordovan (like traditional penny loafers) would give this traditional Army uniform a modern, professional flare. Wondering if unit crests will be brought back?

  41. Steve says:

    Oh HELL NO! Not an additional uniform! Just finished buying the complete components of summer/winter ASU and OCP uniforms. This has to stop.

  42. Chuck Augustine says:

    I love the concept. Wished it was around fir me. Really like the WW2 look.

  43. Love them! I’ll be proud to wear them! Soon I hope!!

  44. Joseph says:

    I’ve always hated Blues and I’ve always LOVED Pinks and Greens.

    Keep it more historic than modern. Don’t forget the belt.

    And thanks for doing this RIGHT AFTER I retired… Jerks…

  45. Stefan S. says:

    Bring back the 1942 Paratrooper Uniform! Now that was sharp!

  46. Danielle says:

    The Army can find better things to spend their money on… I’m tired of buying new uniforms. Just go back to the BDUs and Greens. At least I won’t have to buy those. Or how about instead of revamping one uniform at a time, decide to have a duty uniform, a deployment uniform, and a dress uniform and leave it like that. Soldiers have better things to spend their money on.

  47. The best uniform the Army ever had was wash and wear khakis.

    This in the next best

    OK – so I come from the brown shoe army – right is right

  48. luddite4change says:

    There was nothing wrong with the old green uniform that good tailoring and fabric wouldn’t have fixed. My guess is that this end up the same way.

    The shirt looks like crap without collar stays, and the WWII belt buckle was the same as the current closed brass buckle.

    • SSD says:

      When I joined the Army in 1985, no one knew what collar stays were because the uniforms had stiffened collars. As for the belt buckle, during WWII, the buckle was open faced like the subdued buckle I wore with BDU in the 80s, 90s and 00s.

  49. eddi says:

    Only one thing can be said. Sharp!

  50. Shawn McElravy says:

    I love it. Hopefully an updated Ike Jacket will be an option for B’s. Also a nice overseas cap would be nice